Slayer Lyrics

FORMED: 1982, Huntington Beach, CA

The Beginning...
Slayer came to life in the LA. Surburb of "the Huntington
Beach Area". Soon they won the reputation of "the
Huntington Hooligans". The band was started by Kerry King,
a guitarist who was looking for other muscians to start a
band. Prior to that, he had been in another band, with Tom
Araya. Kerry discovered Jeff Hanneman, another guitarist,
who was very interested in the punk movement that was going
on at the time. Later the two teamed up with a very skilled
drummer by the name of More...

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Review about Slayer songs
You're takig this far to seriously man | Reviewer: Jimmy
    ------ About the song Jihad performed by Slayer

Music is usualy used to tell stories and often those stories don't actualy have anything to do woth the singers themselves. This song is not meant to be radical islamist or anti american propaganda. What it is is a story being told by a jihadist or radical islamist (not a true muslim). Nobody involved in the production of this song believes in the things being said in it, it's just subject matter that they had an interest in and wanted to address through music.

Death of angel | Reviewer: TheZOMBIEJ
    ------ About the song Angel Of Death performed by Slayer

This song isn't nazi/fascist at all! If anything it is kind of a history lesson! Josef Mengele was a sadistic, cruel, evil EVIL nazi and should of been shot in the face for his evil experimenting! Auschwitz is not just a concentration camp, but it is also a death camp because people died there! Jewish folks were slaughtered and this so-called "doctor" is kind of a douche bag for doing what he did! In fact he is a MAJOR douche bag! And I'm glad he's dead! Otherwise there might have been a holocaust these days! Fuck you, Josef Mengele! Fuck you and your sadistic nazi douchebaggery!! This is an excellent song and I hope Slayer do more songs similar to this one! FUCKEN SLAYER!!!!! XD

Dark | Reviewer: H├ęctor
    ------ About the song Necrophiliac performed by Slayer

I love this song, is so dark an evil, this and the song Hell Awaits are my favorite from the album and the lyric is amazing, just someone who wants to fuck a corpse and it's punished by Lucifer sending him to hell
*RIP Jeff Hanneman

Slayer. | Reviewer: Soft
    ------ About the song Read Between The Lies performed by Slayer

I've heard a lot of people sayin tha Slayer is satanic, but to me, at least in this song, they are not satanic at all, they are just talking about all the bullshit that "religious" people say. Everything it's so true. It's better a helping hand than a preying mouth.

No support for people like this | Reviewer: Jaime
    ------ About the song Dead Skin Mask performed by Slayer

It disgusts me people get pushed to this state of mind. I have no support for this energy. The song is an amazing piece of art demonstrating the minds that we need to all prevent and not admire. Go ahead mock me, and feel it's cool to admire someone like Gein, except when a person like Gein comes around standing feet from you, then WHAT. Appreciate the life you have now by respecting how people have brutally passed away. The world needs respect to be at the forefront of everything.

ooo | Reviewer: Aniruddha
    ------ About the song Payback performed by Slayer

I got this album and listened to it right away, without any delay, most people said you won't like it, oh come on, it's a nice album, all they expect is to see another Reign in blood in the stores, I was procrastinating for this one just because people told me it's a ponderous album, but it's not really that boring.

The song might or is not a work to glorify Satan nor deny Christ. | Reviewer: Demopatria
    ------ About the song Disciple performed by Slayer

When I listen to this song alot of different things comes to mind. Many people beleive that this lyrics is created only to denounce Crhist but I don't think that just that is the reason for this songs lyrics. When Im listening to Disciple of course I will here the inevitable words of "God hates us all". Many would interpret this as a mark towards God and Christ but as I am listening to the song I think that what Tom Aryra is trying to tell us is how difficult it is to be a person of faith in todays society. For instance he sings "Drug abuse, self abuse searching for the next high. Sounds a lot like hell is spreading all the time". What he sings is about the difficulty in being a follower of Christ when there is happening alot of bad things in the world at the same time.

I see myself as a christian and I am a person who likes to interpret things espeically metal songs mainly because I listen to metal. I can't really say that the first time I heard this song that I was filled with understanding of the lyrics but as I started to read the lyrics I started to interpret it and I came to the conclusion the Aryra is singing or atleast describing an old theological question which was authored by Augastine. If God exists why does evil exist? This question would later be known as Theodicy.

I hope I'm not the only one interpet this song like this.

// Demopatria.

My favourite | Reviewer: Aniruddha
    ------ About the song Necrophiliac performed by Slayer

This song is my absolute favourite, the first with begins the song is just inexplicable, I just can't explain my love the song, the lyrics are complete sex. Greatest thrash metal song ever. Thank you Jeff Hanneman for yer wonderful work with Slayer, I miss you everyday. Slayer will always reign in my heart.

Reach back guitar sand | Reviewer: Mr. Quiggly Override
    ------ About the song Temptation performed by Slayer

Hi Mr. King! Yes I have often wondered why it seems that evil I'm attracted to! "Winky face!" But maybe I'm stoopid but I also feel that good and evil are primitive human constructs influenced by the Puritan ideals that the United States were founded upon! "Face with tongue sticking out using a colon and a P!"

Erma Fernandez | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Cult performed by Slayer

Religion was made to answer all the mystery that left unanswered...without religion there would be chaos and humanity could'nt "FLOURISHED.." All things here on earth has its own "FUNCTIONS" a given period of time..

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