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Red Descending Slaughter Falls Lyrics

Last updated: 07/13/2011 12:00:00 PM

As the bird of prey watches (slowly)
Gazing down upon the hordes (scrutiny)
Desperate Lives scattered to the fringe
But not before the slaughter falls

A thousand years
A thousand choices
Where's it gone and what's become of it all
Slow beginnings, ending too fast
Here we wait... Slaughter falls

Raining down upon the masses
Falling spheres unknown to man
Society's lost, crumbling to pieces.
Evil force together with plans
Hidden beneath the surface secrets alight
Crying for salvation
Trails of spoken words
Never believed, war is conceived in the madness

I'm waiting till I've seen the one for me
The one that will cure the case for agony
I'm waiting till I change my views on life
In memory this world will be rid of the misery

I'll be there waiting for scattered dreams
To unfold in this world

If we wait 'till the final hour
Than it's all too late
All will be lost
We've got to wake

Democracy's shot to pieces
Leaders leading a world of their own
Workers engaged in the labor of living
Masses rendered impotent