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Machine Head Slanderous Lyrics

Last updated: 04/20/2011 11:00:00 AM

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Wasted and ugly, I am the underbelly,
A fat fuck and a fairy,
The reject they wish to bury,

Pre Chorus:
They want to,
Murder us, silence us,
Divide and conquer us,
As they lead, as we die,
Let these three words decide,

I love you!
Why do I hate my brother?
I hate you!
Or do I hate myself?

I'm a meth head and alkie,
Dumb cunt been called a junkie,
A retard and a pussy,
And I embrace the names you call me,

(Pre Chorus)

Solo: Demmel, Flynn, Flynn & Demmel

I'm a redneck and a faggot,
The asshole ignoramus,
A wetback and a nigga,
And i raise my middle fingers
to those that

Murder us, silence us
Divide and conquer us
As they lead, as we die
Let these three words decide

I love you!
Why do I hate my brother?
I hate you!
I hate myself.



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