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Neil Diamond Skybird Lyrics

Last updated: 04/25/2006 11:00:00 AM

make your sail
and every heart will know
of the tale

(And head for the farthest shore!)

make your tune
for none may sing it
just as you do

(And let your song be heard!)

Look at the way I glide
caught on the wind's lazy tide
sweetly how it sings
rally each heart at the sight
of your silver wings

Skybird, skybird

find your way
for none may know it
just as you may

(Seek out your harbor of light!)
(Let your song be heard!)
(Rally each heart to the sign of your silver wings!)


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Skybird/songbird | Reviewer: Judy Tooley | 5/7/2007

I love the song Skybird. I wished there was
a lyric like Songbird sing your song and every
one will hear of your song.

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