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This London, England-based quartet, formed in 1994, are led
by the stunning black lesbian singer Deborah 'Skin' (b.
Brixton, London, England). After attending a furniture
design course at Teesside
Polytechnic in Middlesborough, she returned to the capital
and started
meeting musicians on the local circuit. Her original band
was shelved for being too 'rockist', but she retained the
services of bass player Cass and began rehearsing with
Skunk Anansie (who also include Ace, guitar, and Mark
Richardson, drums) in January 1994. After More...

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Its my story.. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Secretly performed by Skunk Anansie

Hi folks..dis song is quite a powerful! Atleast 2 me... I ws once cheated by dis guy who happend 2 be my junior in college. I ws really attracted to him we went out 4 whole 1 year. To tell u da truth i ws crazy 4 him!!completely! even he used to feel da same 4 me..we met everyday, talked days and night..we even made love it ws amazing!! Just like heaven..but one day all of a sudden my dreams shattered when i came 2 know dat he was already married and had a six month old daughter.. And folk u knw what hurts me da most ws da fact dat he ws handicapped he can't walk i loved him truly..though i don't knw wat made him do dat just killed me.. i made some attempts of killing my self bt nw m bk to normal..dis song really is made exclusively 4 me!

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