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Ian Stuart was born Ian Stuart Donaldson on the 11th of
August 1958 in Poulton-Le-Fylde, near Blackpool in
Lancashire. He was educated at Baines Grammar School where
he met Kev McKay, Sean McKay, John Grinton and Phil
Walmsley. These five formed a band called Tumbling Dice,
named after one of the many hit records by the Rolling
Stones who were Ian's biggest influence at that time. In
turn, following the departure of Sean McKay, Tumbling Dice
became known as SKREWDRIVER in May 1977.

Tumbling Dice, who were the first band Ian ever More...

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hail the new dawn | Reviewer: dean hopewell
    ------ About the song Skinhead performed by Skrewdriver

I first bought the album when I was still at school through bulldog which was the paper of the young national front at the time in the early eighties.I was hooked as soon as soon as I heard the title track and knew the album would be something very special.Some of ians lyrics in hail the new dawn relate directly to a speech by the great orator and BUF leader sir oswald mosley.This I found particuarly thought provoking as it connected my political and historic outlook with our forefathers.All said and done it is an amazing song and the definitive nationalist album of all time.Thanks for everything ian.I know you and those from our past still march in spirit with us.

One Fine Day-possible error | Reviewer: Charles M
    ------ About the song One Fine Day performed by Skrewdriver

The line "a caravan is someone's tomb, They're killed in their sleep by poison fumes." I think, and makes more sense to me, he says "the cowardly man is someone's tool, their killed in their sleep by poison views." As in, the NWO and the populace being asleep to it. Believing the lie put forth by the zionist tools in media. The coward does nothing to fight it, and in fact goes back to sleep. Thanks for the help. Some of the lyrics are hard to understand. I understand a great deal of them and what he means. Ian had an insight that the masses are asleep to. I swore 15 years ago to name my firstborn son after him. I had a daughter. Promise still goes though.

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