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Achieving an accurate account of the genesis of Skinny
Puppy is a daunting task. Occurring almost twenty years
ago, little documentation (or even clear memory) exists of
the conception of what would become one of the most
innovative, expressive, and unique musical entities ever.
Furthermore, the band did not burst into formation in the
typical tradition; but rather developed gradually as the
essential elements came into place. This makes a
retrospective history all the more difficult.

A few things are clear, however. Kevin More...

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Review about Skinny Puppy songs
I've never ever seen them live...but | Reviewer: mediacentre1
    ------ About the song Assimilate performed by Skinny Puppy

It would actually be impossible for them to do so.

As multi-track layered with nuance as they are, point specific sequenced as they are I don't really see or hear that it would be possible... short of them hiring addition musicians.

Only group I've ever seen to do a live performance close to a studio album would be RUSH. And between what Geddy Lee does on his own ( man got serious talent), and how Neil Pert lays down beats( um need six arms and seven legs to copy him)....a lot of that has to be either sequenced, or triggered within the realm of their abilities. It would be virtually impossible for Puppy to do this short of hiring people.

I say this based upon having some understanding of the how electronic music works....sequencing everything but percussion, and setting triggers in place for percussion that was really out of the realm of my playing ability.... oh yea you feel like a god then.

the killing game | Reviewer: kate
    ------ About the song Killing Game performed by Skinny Puppy

This song is the most amazing song I have ever heard. It's written by a madman at the moment and it truly explains they symphony of life through their eyes. I have never heard a song that I could completely relate to like this one. I love this band.

"First Aid" by Skinny Puppy- A Review | Reviewer: Andy Bones
    ------ About the song First Aid performed by Skinny Puppy

One of my favorite songs ever. As with almost any song by Skinny Puppy the lyrics cleverly evade linear interpretation, however the recurring themes of environmental destruction by humans, drug addiction, distrust in authority and in one another are all present. When I listen to Skinny Puppy I hear more a message than lyrics, and feel the musical vibe as a whole. "First Aid" cuts with a powerful blade, but it's true force is best heard in the live version from their performance in Dresden in 2000. The beat comes in through a fog of distorted B movie-ish samples and Ogre's own peculiar words "Taste... is a cigarette... from the west. Taste the west". It's a moody, ominous droning E-string bass guitar and horrorshow keyboard groove. The sound of Ogre's vocals falling in close to the beginning sends chills up and down the spine of any SP fan. As much as this song despises human nature, it inspires the will to defiantly BE human and reminds us that no matter how destructive our tendencies, there is a chaotic brilliance behind the work of men that is to be both feared and respected in the way one stares down the barrel of a gun. That you will feel, to the pulsing beat and ringing darkness.

AGREE WITH WRONG... | Reviewer: crosssextion
    ------ About the song Assimilate performed by Skinny Puppy

I too have been listening to skinny puppy since the age of 12, not revealing my age now lol, but, to say that Skinny Puppy dont deliver on stage in IMO simply laughable. I have had the privilege of seeing them live many times and the first show left me literally standing in the front row, breathless, speechless and with a bloody nose for no reason. They always blow my mind. I grant you thats its hard to recreate the multitude of layers in each song so that a live audience can hear every nuance you get through headphones at home. But if your a true SP fan, they are going on in your head as the song is performed anyway. And what some may miss as far as that goes, is infinitely made up for with stage shows Gwar has wet dreams about. I feel badly for anyone that cant see the WHOLE picture put together in its perfection. The music and the show have ALWAYS gone hand and hand. Maybe you should look again, your missing out.

Wrong | Reviewer: Mirrorsaw
    ------ About the song Assimilate performed by Skinny Puppy

Richard Furhter, just had to dispute your claim that SP is the "worst band to see live", I fail to see how the stage shows for Cleanse Fold Manipulate, VIVIsect VI, Too Dark Park and Last Rights did not live up to the songs of their albums.. not only is Dwayne going wild live, but ogre is doing enough theatrics to make it a art performance, not just a concert. In my opinion you are completely wrong and they are often one of the few bands whose live shows actually expand the music and experience.

Bites is about the best industrial album from the 80s... | Reviewer: Franklin Richard Furhter
    ------ About the song Assimilate performed by Skinny Puppy

Really a super fun album to listen and enjoy. Read the lyrics, the stuff is amazing. Skinny Puppy however is about the worst band to see live, I have many times over from the 80s onward and they never could capture the complex and deep layering of the studio stuff into a stage performance.

a robbers prison a figureof infidelity | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Rodent performed by Skinny Puppy

I got hemmed on a robbery charge... my wife grew mean. I threwher out. Losing a large part of myself. She went to get clean with a rich friend. I stayed and couldn't leave the state. We are travellers. We grew apart. She stayed with him for the money. I still am on bond. Wire not connected... we have lost our ties. Its all there. Weird. I doubt its about any of that. Thanks Gentlemen for all your years of art production.

Agree with Mielyssia Lee | Reviewer: Infectus
    ------ About the song Worlock performed by Skinny Puppy

Think "A Clockwork Orange", here (which was sampled quite heavily on that album)... the lyrics speak of the attempted rehabilitation of murderers and criminals, which fails, in the end... the video is just a bunch of mashed up violent imagery, much like those shown to the character, Alex, in "A Clockwork Orange", during his 'rehabilitation' process.... Beautiful song, though... one of their best, hands down....

Why I love Assimilatin' to SP | Reviewer: skeezix6
    ------ About the song Assimilate performed by Skinny Puppy

Whwn I was listening to the songs on The Gothic Box (3 cds), I came across Assimilate late on the third cd, and I will not forget my first impression of this song. 1 minute into the song, I pushed the restart button for the track. I can't believe i miss this song way back in 1985. It conjures images of Lovecraftian scenarios and the chaos generated by unwise decisions in modern science. It is definitely unique.

Awesome Unknown | Reviewer: XetraDax
    ------ About the song 200 Years performed by Skinny Puppy

200 Years doesn't seem to get any props. I don't know why? This was the first song I ever heard of Skinny Puppy. I remember I was sixteen when my friend said "hey do you want to hear this new album it's really good." And she told me it was Industrial and when I heard 200 Years I fell in love! It always makes me think of a Nuclear Holocaust. Post world Apocolypse Song.

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