Skindred Lyrics

RAGGA PUNK METAL! Skindred is quite simply unlike anything
you’ve heard. Elements of Metal, Dancehall, Punk, and Drum
& Bass, all swirling into a concoction of lethal
addictiveness. Their debut CD Babylon was produced by
Howard (POD) Benson, mixed by Rick (INCUBUS) Will and has
to be one of the most important and impressive releases in
heavy rock in years. In an era of fakes, frauds and
imitators, Skindred delivers.

Skindred has already been winning over crowds in Europe
with their intense RAGGA METAL sound. This band makes More...

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Submit Skindred New Lyrics

Review about Skindred songs
laziness | Reviewer: JAH-lisha
    ------ About the song Nobody performed by Skindred

HA this isn't even all the lyrics...there are several lines missing and no I'm not talking about the hidden need to go listen to the song again and if you can't understand the words that you've missed then don't post the lyrics for it -.-

Great feel! | Reviewer: Craig
    ------ About the song We Want performed by Skindred

This song just makes you so happy for the creation of music in the beginning! The lyrics and sound to this song remind you of why music is here: To promote positive emotions and bring people together.

in disagreement with lukipaela | Reviewer: anon
    ------ About the song Nobody performed by Skindred

you complete idiot and retard the song actually lasts 3:56 with another 2:23 for the hidden track called vampire killa i know this for a fact as i have the complete cd right in front of me it even says on the back that there is a hidden song lasting 2:23 on the cd

Good Song! | Reviewer: Lukipeala's nemesis
    ------ About the song Nobody performed by Skindred

I have been a fan of skindred for a while and never bothered to find the lyrics because, if you don't understand then why bother? And by the way Lukipeala You are an absolute retard! That is a completely different song as said by the other guy, I put the cd on my computer and it came up as a hidden track, I had to track ID it to find out what it was, so get a life you asshole!

J-inchot | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Brainkilla performed by Skindred

man, i love this song :) i actually devoted an hour and a half to trying to say the first part as fast as he does, it was really hard but i eventually got it :P still need the words in front of me thow :P

Lukipaela is wrong | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Nobody performed by Skindred

Lukipaela, you are wrong. The next song that starts playing is a hidden track. Didn't you realize that from 3:53 to 5:56 was silent? Hidden track are primarily placed at the ends of albums, just like in this album. It's the last track on the cd on certain releases. So before you go criticizing people about hearing the incomplete song on a video game, you should check your facts first. You are a tool. And by the way, the hidden track is called "The original Vampire Killa" and lyrics can be found here

missing | Reviewer: Lukipaela
    ------ About the song Nobody performed by Skindred

im sure since you halfassed fans only heard this song on a video game, you dont know the whole song, but the song is actually over 8 minutes long.. at 5:56, an entirely different sounding tune is started up, the lyrics for which are absent from this page.
anyone know where a REAL copy of the lyrics can be found?

(none) | Reviewer: fafnir242
    ------ About the song Nobody performed by Skindred

I just bought NFS:U2 yesterday, and I was just cruising through the streets looking for something to do, and this song came on, and I thought "Oh, man, I remember this song!"lol Thanks for posting the lyrics. 5/5.

kool | Reviewer: kia
    ------ About the song Pressure performed by Skindred

this song is awesome! i heard it on an amv and i fell in love. i usually listen to depressing music but this somg is just a pump up! woot!!!! go skindred!!!!!!

reggea metal, awesomeness or what?

Undisputed Love Anthem | Reviewer: Ryan A. Irwin
    ------ About the song Together performed by Skindred

When someone asks me who my favorite band is, I say Skindred, and when they ask me what my favorite song is, i say "Together".

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