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Manifested in 1986, Skid Row first began as a songwriting
partnership between Dave and Rachel. After a year of
swapping coplementary song ideas," as Rachel put it, the
guys put together Skid Row's final line up in the fall of

For Scotti Hill, becoming a member of the rock band was
inevitable. Having jammed with Bolan in a previous band and
also landing a job at the Garden State Music store where
Bolan has hanging out made him perfect for the role as Skid
Row's second riff thrasher.

Another Skid Row co-founder, Dave Sabo, who More...

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Review about Skid Row songs
A èrsonal Story, I know nobody cares, but still... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I Remember You performed by Skid Row

This is the song I sung to my ex-gf when she just left the country and went to the other side of the world with no coming back. I sung her this song everytime we where speaking through videocall, in those times when we thoguht we were coming to see each other again. I listened to this song today on the radio, after more than a year alone,and I thought that today all I want is to hear her say: "I remember You", but i bet I'm just a shadow on her past. Thanx to any one who reads this, somehow writing my story in some songs of the past helps soothing my mind (More people should try)

AWESOME SONG!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Natasha
    ------ About the song Big Guns performed by Skid Row

everytime i hear ballerina i always get this song stuck in my head.that happpened in social sudies we had to watch channel one news and they were interviewing a ballerina and the song got stuck in my head but my mom took away my tapes because the ones i ''borrowed'' from my uncle who dosnt listen to it i had ask first even though two and the case of one i found at the house including the one with this the way i am 12.o was going crazy that da.good think social studies is eighth six year old sister sings sweet little sister and i want action by ten year old sister doesnt like skid row or rock and metal besides KISS.she says all they do is scream and wear skinny jeans and tights and you cant understand what they say.NOT TRUE DUDE SO NOT TRUE!!!!!!!!

LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Natasha
    ------ About the song Sweet Little Sister performed by Skid Row

i listened to a skid row album i found at my house and this song was on it.when i heard this i only knew like 3 skid row songs.i REALLY like this song and my 6 year old sister sings it sometimes.i'm 12 and really like skid row other sister whos ten doesnt like any good music.she likes country and KISS and the jonas brothers.KISS is my favorite band but she doesnt like anything else like KISS.she othr sister (the 6 year old) actually likes some good music like this.sometimes ill get a song stuck in my head by skid today in the morning it was big guns at noon it was youth gone wild (everything written after youth gone wild is being written at 3a.m. and everything before it was 2 or 3 p.m.) and when i got home at 2 it was sweet little sister and big guns.this morning i had i want action by poison also in my 6 year old sister sings sweet little sister white wedding and i want i want axtion she sings satisfacation tonight which i know is wronng.

to person who titled review sabastian bach | Reviewer: Natasha
    ------ About the song 18 And Life performed by Skid Row

i am 11 and agreewith favorite band is KISS and i love paul stanley's voice more but sabastian has a great voice too.i can't believe bieber has taken over the musical world.wierd thing is i was watching the episode of that metal show with sabastian bach and i flipped it to a retro rock channel during a commercial and this (18 and life) was on.

Skid Row rocks!! | Reviewer: Dani
    ------ About the song Youth Gone Wild performed by Skid Row

I really relate to this song, when I was a kid I never fit in with anybody, I was a real problem child, everybody was pushing me around telling me what to do. It was awesome that Skid Row wrote a song about us misfits. Skid Row forever!

Sebastian Bach.... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song 18 And Life performed by Skid Row

Sebastian ach has to be one of, if not, THE greatest singer to ever come from america... nobody these days can compare to his unique, powerful voice.... and i should know cos im only 12 years old...

18 and Life | Reviewer: vince
    ------ About the song 18 And Life performed by Skid Row

I just happen to be sitting here, listening to my iPod and this song came on. So I looked up the lyrics on this site. I never really looked at and understood what they meant. Pretty deep song. Awesome lyrics!

vocals blow me away | Reviewer: david
    ------ About the song Wasted Time performed by Skid Row

I never thought much of Sebastian Bach's vocal but till I heard this song my view on this guy's voice totally changed. I think the vocals on this track is so rich and truly the finest rock vocals Ive heard from the man.

awesome | Reviewer: manas baruah
    ------ About the song 18 And Life performed by Skid Row

the lyrics are sooooo Gr8 that it touched my heart.No present generation band can come up with such fantastic lyrics. so pal its truly an AWESOME experience for me

Great Song | Reviewer: brian
    ------ About the song Forever performed by Skid Row

THis was as song that appeared on the Skid Row Greatest Hits 40 Seasons,and was recorded,but never used during teh making of the first Skid Row album.The song definitely reflects the time period,which was around 89 or 90.I was just beginning my teenage years at this time,and definitely hit on the things that I was doing.This is a great song,with a great guitar riff,and all around great playing from all involved.Also a very upbeat song.It's a damn shametha bands don't do music like this anymore.The 80's were definitely a great time.I hope others agree wiht me on this.

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