Sixty Watt Shaman Albums

  • Reason to Live Album (9/24/2002)
    Reason to Live
    Blind by Morning
    Horse You Rode in On
    Our Name Is War
    The Mill Wheel
    Long Hard Road
    The Evil Behavior of Ordinary People
    My Ruin
    Breathe Again
    One Good Leg
    All My Love
    When the Morning Comes
    When I'm Alone
    All Things Come to Pass

  • Seed of Decades Album (9/5/2000)
    Fear Death By Water
    Seed Of Decades
    Poor Robert Henry
    Devil In The Details (Parts I & II)
    Low Earth Orbit
    One More Time
    Roll The Stone
    Red Colony
    Rumor Den
    Stone's Throw Away
    Busy Dying
    New Trip
    I've Been Down

  • Ultra Electric Album (4/18/1998)
    Rumor Den (in album Ultra Electric)
    Burn Baby Burn
    Southern Gentleman
    Where You Been
    Interplanetary Pit Stop
    Cactus Mexicali
    New Trip (In album Ultra Electric)
    Bemis Manifesto
    Pull the Strings

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