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Six60 Biography

Last updated: 07/01/2012 12:00:00 PM

Blending soul, rock, dubstep and drum and bass, their music is as dynamic, versatile and unexpected as their back story. Extended singer/songwriter jams incorporate dubstep sections as bridges, hard rocking guitar work duels with robust synthetics and thunderous low end bass over vibrant percussive rhythms, and in both voice and instrumentation infectious melody consistently shines through.

They're a band with songs that make just as much sense when listened to with headphones strapped on, as they do in the heat of a capacity concert moment. And with Tiki Taane as co-producer on their self-titled debut album, they have married what they're known for with where they're going. Leave your preconceptions at the door and let Six60 show you the world as they see it, one song at a time.


Born and raised in Auckland, Matiu Walters grew up in a household full of music and instruments. A singer and a guitarist, his musical references range through rock, soul, RnB, hip-hop, folk and beyond. Heading down to Dunedin to study design and music, making a career in music was always at the back of Matiu's thoughts. As part of Six60, he's been able to turn this once faint dream into a tangible reality. At present, Matiu is based in Auckland.


Eli Paewai grew up on his grandfathers farm in Dannevirke. At age thirteen, after a couple of rudimentary lessons, he started playing the drums. Eli went to high school in Hawkes Bay, and played in bands along the way. Attending university in Dunedin, he joined Six60 after meeting Matiu through rugby. Eli still lives in Dunedin. His drumming heroes include Ringo Star, Dave Grohl and Tommy Lee. The quiet one in the group, Eli is a huge fan of Oasis, The Stones, The Beatles and The Libertines.


Raised on Led Zeppelin, The Eagles and Jimi Hendrix, Ji Fraser grew up in Gisborne. A guitarist since childhood, he always wanted to be a professional musician, but when he headed down to Dunedin, sensibly also studied law. Once there, he met up with Matiu Walters, setting the Six60 story in motion. Now based in Auckland, Ji is blessed with an unconventional playing style. He can translate his lead guitar work between rock, soul, dubstep and beyond with dynamic ease.


Marlon Gerbes grew up in Napier, and unlike Matiu, Eli and Ji, attended university in Christchurch, where first got himself onto a synthesiser. A guitarist since the age of twelve, Marlon relocated to Dunedin after completing university, joining the boys in Six60. A long-time metal, hip-hop, reggae, dubstep and drum and bass fan, he lives in Auckland and divides his time between music and working as a product designer. For Marlon, Six60 is the realisation of a lifelong musical dream.


Originally from Darwin, Australia, Chris Mac now lives in Dunedin, with his wife and young daughter. A longstanding punk rocker turned hip-hop, soul and dubstep convert, Chris handles bass and synth duties for Six60. He brings the high-energy vibe of punk along for the ride, interspersed with a focused approach drawn from time spent playing music professionally in Australia. Staunchly community oriented, but far from authoritarian, Chris is all about family and friends, good laughs, good vibes and good times.