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All That Remains Six Lyrics

Last updated: 09/30/2012 05:16:40 PM

I wish I was free of this
I see her in my dreams
Wish that she wasn't there
But she still haunts me and I

Still feel her breath on me
Still want to taste her skin
But I know that would kill me

No damn her, still I choke on her lies
Still reeling from her last caress her good-bye
Oh how this sickens me
This wretched fools affair
I can't erase this from me

And now it permeates
And every thought I feel
The anger writhes in my soul

No damn her still I feel my stomach turn
Choke back hold my head high I'm strong
No damn her still I choke on her lies
Yet reeling I'm strong

Damn her still I feel my stomach turn
Choke back hold my head high I'm strong
Damn her still I choke on her lies

I wish I was free of this

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15 years | Reviewer: Neurotripsicks | 2/14/12

My girl after 15 years left me out of the blue. And looking back at it, I'm glad but this song holds SO much water in the aspect she's a lying, cheating, pessimistic cold hearted bitch. I'll never get over her, but at least I'm stronger now.

so surreal.. | Reviewer: jorden | 1/26/12

this song is perfect of me and my ex...we had it all..then we started slipping slowly..then it just fell apart...on and she only torments me with her presence..reminding me of what i dont have anymore...i choke on her lies..i know it would kill true..

about this song | Reviewer: Jamie Galindo | 12/27/11

Its a good song, and I read these lyrics and I knew what it was saying, yall fail to remember the title. "Six" and you need to stand from a artist view point, there's a message that is told from the title to the lyrics. Six they are talking about Sin, and writer refers sin to a she, so yall can relate and understand, what the sin is doing to this person. And when the mention choking on the lies, they are talking about deliverance, when someone is being delivered they choke when the try to renounce lies, and a person does not make you feel this way, its the power you give to them, from making them your idols, that comes back to sin. They are trying to related to tell they kniw how it feels, its there way of expressing, how they feel.

Amazing | Reviewer: gabriel | 8/28/11

I'm a christian and I'm understanding this song as some's cry for help. The "she" ATR mentions could be an addiction in some one's life that they've over come and everyone know's how tough it is to really break an addiction. Even through the withdrawls of those addictions you have to keep reminding yourself that those addictions will eventually kill you.
As for the title of the song, I believe that it is a reference to satan being the "she" or the drug or the lifestyle that one has left. As we all know to well the devil will always come to kill steal and destroy, this was ATR's way of reminding us to stay strong and not fall into temptation of reverting to that life of drugs or sex or whatever it is that was holding us down.

I don't get it... | Reviewer: Spoonman | 7/31/11

This is a great song, it really gets to me. Can someone tell me why the song is called "Six?"

different view | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/18/11

i changed "she" to "he" and the song fit perfectly with my ex boyfriend who led me on even though he had a girlfriend already. i found out about her and was mad but i still wanted him so i got angry at myself. ATR got it right with this song

My response/thoughts (for those who care) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/8/11

I can't stop listening to this.My girlfriend who used to be so close to me cheated on me with my "bestfriend" on my birthday. I can't stop crying and other stuff. Yet, I still want her. I always picture how things used to be during the calm part of this song. I still can't find anger towards anyone but myself...

get over her | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/18/10

this song is everything that a hartbroken fool needs to get over there partner. personley i have been lisining to the song alought more then i use to. but all you need to do is find another person, try not to get attached to them, and dont fall in love. that is all the advice i can give you

colin s | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/14/10

these lyrics are so great, it's what goes through EVERYONE'S head when they have their heartbroken. After the initial saddness, all thats left is anger, at least thats what I'm at now. 2 years, she winds up cheating on me with some jock. haha, ATR is awesome, all of their songs have such a punch in the face kinda feel, perfect for those who need to unleash their inner beast.

describes my state | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/10/10

realy great lyrics. it rly is the way im feeling right now. even after a breakup i had in november, i still cant let my ex girlfriend go. this song drew my attention during the firt few weeks after the breakup, but it was only recently ago i looked up the lyrics. then it struck me like a blow to the chest. this song was always decribing how i feel durin my emotional time recovering from that breakup.

TylerS | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/3/10

This isn't emo at all. It's not depressing or really emotional it's more on a haunted, metalcore side. He's saying he doesnt want to see what he sees. And how he wants these images to leave him. He's not crying, moping, or cutting himself about this. It seems more angry than depressing like as if he's angry that he still has these unwanted thoughts.

drifting | Reviewer: Alex | 4/20/10

I just read that review about the dumbass drifting and crashing his car, resulting in his dislike of this song.

All I have to say is, DUMB ASS!!! You don't listen to music while you race. It's tooooooo distracting, you neeeeeed to be able to hear the car.

annoyed with this site | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/25/10

the people in charge of this sight need to review the correction lyrics for certain songs, instead of letting random corrections go through. in all honesty, I find this to be a big fault on Sing365 for letting that jackass that put anus in all of the lines do that. here's a tip, Sing365, TRY READING WHAT THEY GOT FIRST INSTEAD OF DOING IT AUTOMATICALLY!!

WHAT IN THE HELL HAPPENED TO THE LYRICS????? | Reviewer: Nathaniel | 2/14/10

Who in their right mind went and put "Anus!" throughout this song? what in the fucking hell...I love this song and was just wanting to look up the lyrics...and this bull comes up. Can anyone fix this please?

metaldragon | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/11/10

why the fuck says "anus" in all the lines??????
y just want to say the people that say all that remains are emo is stupid person that dont know what kind of musica they listen is METALCORE remember METALCORE
maggots emos!!!!!!!!
(sorry for my english jeje)