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Sit down, stand up
Sit down, stand up
Walk into the jaws of hell (Sit down)
Walk into the jaws of hell (Stand up)
Anytime (Sit down)
Anytime (Stand up)
Sit down, stand up
Sit down
We can wipe you out anytime (Stand up)
We can wipe you out (Sit down)
Stand up, sit down

The raindrops...

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Meanings | Reviewer: Milton Sousa | 1/19/14

I think that is a very powerfull song , and what makes it that powerfull is the simple lyrics that putd the question on us , s├│ i think every person can take its own meaning out of it .. Its a eargasm <3

agree with Jeff | Reviewer: Todo | 2/3/13

I subscribe to Jeff's interpretation. It indeed sounds like "arrange us" just as much as "raindrops". Raindrops would only make sense in an utterly sentimental, doomy kind of way, perhaps even 'emo' in that the mood built in the first 3 minutes is then analogized with a storm cloud.

Arrange us .... | Reviewer: Jeff | 12/10/12

Forever I thought at the end of the song York was singing ARRANGE US... Not the rain drops ... Not saying I am some kind of song writer or something but I think it works a lot better... It absolutely goes along with the theme of the song in my mind at least... That being the masses wanting to be told what to do because they can't think on their own.... By doing so it leads you to the gates of hell like a bunch of lemmings following one another off a cliff... But that's me... More pointedly in the 2nd verse you see this theme , by allowing people to control your actions they control your life and you are powerless to do anything about your fate... But I could be way off

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. | Reviewer: Carl | 2/19/12

Well,after carefully analysing every word to this marvellous song whilst dining on Jack Daniels i have came to the following conclusion:
It is about the front that we all feel we have to put on to the public for some reason or other.

Wonderful | Reviewer: AdolfEinstein | 3/18/11

I think the song is about the expectations that the society has towards us. It's about how we have to do everything that it wants from us, sit up, stand down, feeling like in the jaws of hell... just because they are going to wipe us out of the society

Cumpulsory war | Reviewer: theopenlife | 8/19/10

I am persuaded this song is about the corporate submission of populations to go along with wars that are not their business. They sit down and stand up on queue, according to their marching orders. This is represented by the progression into an organized madness, the rain symbolizing judgment as depicted in the Noahic flood.

Good Song. Mad. | Reviewer: AGirl. | 3/19/10

I think the idea of madness is a good one, and the idea of repeating "sit down, stand up" shows this, as in madness there can be a lot of repetitive behaviour. I think the song shows clearly the idea of power and "authority" and possibly how the two themes are linked, maybe saying that those in power are going mad.

another great track | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/19/10

Thom York has bipolar disorder as do i. so i feel that this track reflects going into psychosis and coming out of it. But i also feel that it has a double meaning which is the whole thing of powerful with the ability to wipe us out at ne time and drop bombs on us like rain drops

few words to describe a lot! Thom is genius!! | Reviewer: Fallen Angel | 7/14/09

I think it talks about how people of high position have the control to "wipe you out anytime" with their missles like rain drops

and "set down, stand up" maybe refers to those people talking and deciding to wipe out others

love this song so much <3

insane | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/7/09

this song ive heard, is actually about going insane...if you listen to it (the music is more important than the lyrics here) its quite easy to tell its like a progression to something..."walking into the jaws of hell", thom worked at a psychiatric hospital.

They are imperfectly flawless. | Reviewer: Queen Dork | 11/3/07

on the edge (climatic) calm brilliance yet again - another intricate powerfully eerie sensual sound.

amazing song | Reviewer: cait | 5/22/07

probably one of the best songs ever...and by the way, hail to the thief is a majorly kickass favorite radiohead album...and i wish i could make love to thom yorke's voice. Hes that good...

Another scary topical song by Radiohead | Reviewer: Alex | 4/28/07

i get chills hearing this eerie beautiful song....especially as i saw first it on youtube,scored to Iraq footage, with th
'the raindrops' interpreted as a flurry of flying missiles obliterating all in their path

unfortunately i haven't had the pleasure of listening to the entirety 'Hail To The Thief' yet.

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