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Bloodlet Sister supreme Lyrics

Last updated: 09/18/2002 09:16:32 PM

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Surprise next said. If you could raise your head you'd see what you've done. Next in line. Surreal sublime. Addiction affliction. Attracts behind the pedestal. A hand reaches for sister supreme. A lingering fatigue. These special k kids and their infant love triangle. A panic setting in. I've a place for you in my head, my mouth. Watch me learn and grow in the cracks beyond their eyes. Bring out the bastards. The knuckle headed hustlers. Mama I broke the camel's back. What's your new color Katherine safety pin? The kind of lust that's short lived. The kind that burns. As my eyes stain to hear what you just said I can't help but recognize that's the same line She's hoxed the compass and drawn the line. It's a stellar production. That turns into a multicellular miscommunication.

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