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Welcome to this institution
One way to resolution
I'm put on this medication
Rolls down my throat

Cause I can't ever sleep at night the same
This medication enjoys, enjoys most every day

Cause I close my eyes,
I see land

What did I say?
What did I say to put Sister to Sleep?
And fall awake and die
And I'm never goin' to bed

Back to the day, back into this day
Back to another level, hotter then hell
Said that we're not savages until we do it
And one last night I'll kiss your lips again

What did I say?
What did I say to put Sister to Sleep?
And fall awake and die
And I'm never goin' to sleep

I will take this ferris wheel
And I'm sleepwalking back into this hell

Oh my darling
For the first time

Don't let me sleep tonight
And get in your way tonight
Don't let me sleep tonight
Get in your way

What did I say?
What did I say to put Sister to sleep?
I'll never go to sleep
And I won't go back to bed

I'm sleepwalking back into this...
Oh... God...

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Fans | Reviewer: Vera | 12/14/08

Those who like even one song by a band are fans, they just aren't big enough fans to actually hunt for tickets or dig through music libraries for B-sides. I think it is unnecessary to call someone a poser just because they only know the Black Parade.

Please, I know every song, and have seen them live, and love this band and it members, but I don't yell at someone for only knowing two of their songs, so calm down, and just listen and chill. That's what it's for. ;)

Song Meaning | Reviewer: MCR Fan | 8/21/08

This was stated in the MCR WSOU interview, go look it up on YouTube.

Sister to sleep is about sleep deprivation, that if you go to sleep you will die in your sleep and so you can't sleep.

Stated by Gerard, it is also about Freddy Krueger.

Hmm. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/28/08

They're are many types of MCR fans. They don't have to love all the songs. MCR are constantly changing and whether you like it or not, so are the fans. So they'res no such thing as hardcore fan.
But if your an total fangirl bitch who only likes MCR for their 'good looks' or their 'fanous rap', acting like is like 'Oh GERALD M4RRY M3!!!111'
In your dreams. Grow the fuck up. Thanks. :)

... | Reviewer: becca | 3/27/08

i think it's ok, if people only know like a few songs, but it pisses me off when some of my friends say they are huge fans when they don't actually know more than three songs. There isn't anything wrong with liking a few, but don't pretend that you're their biggest fan. This song totally rocks, it's just so personal to Gerard. It's ok to like the band members, but i wouldn't want Lyn-Z to die cos that would stop Gerard being happy...

live/rare | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/11/08

I have been to I think four MCR concerts over the years, and honestly their live performances are nowhere near as good as their studio performances, as can be heard in this song. This probably would have been a much better song if it was recorded in a studio, but I guess it does have a personal touch with it being so rare and all (took me for ever to find this one because I like purchasing all my music legally so looking for a free version never occurred to me). So far, I have all three major studio albums, along with all the b-sides from The Black Parade that I know of (Heaven Help Us, Kill All Your Friends, and My Way Home is Through You). I also have Shut Up and Play because I saw the local concert for that tour and wanted to compare it and Disenchanted. I have Astro Zombies too, and Desert Song and Bury Me in Black from Life On the Murder Scene but none of the live tracks because I'm not about to pay for that kind of quality. Whatever I guess the point is this song is live, loud, and at parts just a raucous more than music but if you really like MCR and can tolerate their live stuff then this is definitely a good find.

just a thought.. | Reviewer: Kelly | 3/1/08

Fans are fan, whether they know one song, or every song. And it is ignorant in its self to assume that because they have never heard a song that they are a poser. It is called learning new things. But, I do love this song, it is one of my favorites.
My Chem makes me happy inside. :P

TAYLOR CHRISTINE | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/13/08

I think that mcr is the best band on the planet.. i do know all their songs.. including the ones off of famous last words (cd) my way home is through you.. it is actually my favorite song.. and i think that you CAN be a fan of mcr is you dont know every song. but you are not a dedicated fan. i think that if you join the mcrmy.. you need to at least be a fan. but. for all you people that say that your huge fans of mcr or something like that.. and you dont know ever single song.. then you are not a huge fan of mcr. and if you only know teenagers or welcome to the black parade.. then you arent even a fan. you need to atleast know 20 friking songs. because.. like mcr is AMAZING!!! and.. like.. for all you people who wont even listen to one song by them. because you call them emo or something.. (WHICH THEY ARE NOT!) then you need to atleast listen to one freaking song. and stop calling the fans emo. and stop calling the band emo. and all the crap. haha. oh, and if you want to talk about mcr.. to me. or something.. go to

Sister to Sleep | Reviewer: Emma | 12/12/07

This song happens to be one of my favourites from My Chemical Romance. And sadly, I'm not going to flame fans that don't know this song. It took me awhile to find it, I wouldn't be surprised if anyone else didn't find it at all.

Sometimes I find it distastful on how we can discriminate against other fans. I wish to say this here and now, even if you know one song by My Chemical Romance, and you like it, you're a fan. You're not a so called 'poser' if you only know songs from the Black Parade.

Amazing | Reviewer: Grogie | 12/9/07

I adore this song.
I think its fantastic! :)I guess all of MCR's songs are amazing tho...
I'm incredibly happy for Gerard and his new wife and I wish them the best of luck. Same with Mikey and his wife, and the rest of the band and their girlfriends :)


Hiyaxx | Reviewer: Crisz | 11/20/07

i totally agree all these fanz go on bout how they av been fans from the begining but dont even no this song.
All the members in the band are equal nd all you fuckers who say you want lynz 2 die just cause she's married 2 gerard bit of advice.

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