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Fear My Thoughts Sirens Singing Lyrics

Last updated: 06/11/2007 11:00:00 AM

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One fine day I won’t have
One fine day I won’t give
One fine day I will just be
And then I’m breaking free
I’ll leave it all behind
I want to follow that way

But sirens sing
They call my name
To keep me in this game

Addicted to consumption
A slave of materiality
False suns keep blinding me
To bring me of my way
The bigger my greed is
The narrower the way becomes

And sirens sing
They call my name
To keep me in this game
And sirens scream
Right in my ear
Temptation is so near

One step closer to the end…

Consumption how bitter sweet
Satisfaction can.t be gained
Through the possesion of useless goods
The desire to get and posses increases the fear to lose it all
It paralyses all my action
More and more and more and more

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