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The former vocalist, guitar player, main songwriter and
text composer of Tristania, Morten Veland, has now laid the
basis for a new contribution to the gothic/metal/rock
scene. Still sworn to the darker and atmospheric genre, he
now resurfaces with his brand new band SIRENIA with one
goal in mind: to bring a fresh sound into the underground

SIRENIA plays a mixture of gothic metal and rock with
classical influences, as well as black and death metal
elements. Their soundscapes have solid basis in the
powerful drums and bass More...

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Review about Sirenia songs
what i think what the meaing is | Reviewer: Larry
    ------ About the song The Other Side performed by Sirenia

I think the song is for a dead sister/loved one that is being told to head to the ferryman, since in alot of old mythical stories a ferryman would take the recently dead to the afterlife or world of the dead, but they had to make it to him first of end up being a lost and tortured for all of time, and nobody would want that for a loved one and in most cases the only help the living can give to the dead is encouragement wheather it be prayers, best of wishes or just remembering who they truely were. i would say the ferryman is neutral to the whole thing sing he has no interest one way or the other its all up to the soul to find its way thrue the hard times nobody ca do it for you they can only tand on the sidelines and chear for you to make the right decisions

The meaning to this song. | Reviewer: Annabelle
    ------ About the song The Other Side performed by Sirenia

I think it's about a girl who died and doesn't know which path to choose. When she tries to take the right path towards Heaven the Devil (Cloaked man) makes it hard for her. Afraid, she looks to her sister for guidance but to no avail. The Devil tempts her, telling her it'll be easier to be with him instead of suffering. Eventually she chooses hell instead of heaven. :(

Meaning?? | Reviewer: Lustdany
    ------ About the song The Other Side performed by Sirenia

I don't really know, but it looks like this song is about a girl that has recently died ("I hear you calling from the other side"), and she tells her to carry on ("Sail away, my little sister, sail away...")because this life is pretty hard. ("Where times seems much better than this void called life")

Gothic metal is really hard to understand though.... You can find 1001 meanings in just one song.

A Lovely Song! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Other Side performed by Sirenia

I rarely listen to this genre of music but.. something about "The Other Side" captures me.. I can't stop listening. The harmony, the words, the instrumentation, it is all absolutely amazing.

Give it a listen, buy the CD it is on... I love all of their music <3
Also try Xandria The Lioness.
That song is also very catching and awesome.

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