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Not one more word tonight
between here and there
We'll put a distance the size of the ocean
so now this heart can beat a skipping rhythm
As the cadence carries me
I almost drift away
far enough to forget
but when it comes you cannot hesitate
and when found i will write
an account and seal it in an envelope
addressed to your last known residence

whoa - oh - oh - ah - ohhh
woah - oh - oh - ah - ohhhhh
woah - oh - oh - ohhhhhh

And we sink, and we drown
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and what is lost can never be found
well these arms did swim,
until the lungs pulled in
panic was lost in a deep understanding
that you will see what is wrong with everything
what is wrong with you and me
they make all the right reasons to fuck it up
you're gonna fuck it up

whoa - oh - oh - ah - ohhh
woah - oh - oh - ah - ohhhhh
woah - oh - oh - ohhhhhh

(That sounded pretty good to me)
(I thought it was pretty good)

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It made me cry | Reviewer: Delaney O' Riley | 10/30/09

This song did make me cry. I listened to it like 10 times one night and cried everytime. I went on a walk and was singing this song and i screamed "you're gonna fuck it up" and a lady just starred at me i laughed and contuined singing.

never knew the name of the song or who wrote it until now | Reviewer: jack | 9/23/08

lol, id been listening to this song on my ipod for litterally years, but i never knew who wrote itit or whant the name of the song was. i got it off of an old mix cd my sister made me and i fell in love with the song. its prbally one of the best songs i ever heard.

amazing | Reviewer: nicole | 8/1/08

i agree, this song is magical. i heard them play it live & it was fucking amazing. the tone in tom's voice gives me the chills everytime, he inspires me like no other. AND THEY DID NOT FUCKING SELL OUT. WHY WOULD THEY SET OUT TO FAIL? THE DAY I START SEEING THEM ON THE MTV COUNTDOWN IS THE DAY IN MY BOOK THAT THEY SOLD OUT, THEY'RE JUST TRYING TO MAKE A LIVING.

AM! <3 | Reviewer: Sarah | 9/27/07

God damn finally some people who fucking think this song is amazing like i do!!!! fucking love this song!!!!!

blow | Reviewer: John Doblin | 9/7/07

this songs blows me away every fuckin' time i hear it, i agree that it's magical when he sing the "fuck it up-line". wasnt to far away from tears first time i heard it.

yes. | Reviewer: embrilli | 8/19/07

Greer, what you said is too true.

finally someone who sees the magic
that is: kids coming together to sing
a line is a song, without the band.

...too fucking true.

they are the greatest band...hmmm i dont know....EVER! | Reviewer: Greer the vicious one | 6/27/07

this song is wonderful especially live because when he hits "they make all the right reasons to fuck it up" the crowd echoes back "you're gonna fuck it up!" and for some odd reason it is just magical...
the song is something almost anyone can listen to and be like "i've been through this" and that is a good quality to have...

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