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Singled Out Biography

Last updated: 07/28/2011

“Singled Out” was formed in the small mining town of Klerksdorp N.W. South Africa when singer/songwriter and guitarist Damien Krause started to piece musicians together to form a band after his previous ensemble had disintegrated due to varying levels of commitment.

What followed was a frustrating period of member changes which led to the current line-up of SINGLED OUT being:





Front-man Damien Krause self funded and produced their debut album ‘PREPARE TO COUNT YOUR DEAD’ which was recorded at BE SHARP studios in Johannesburg by J.P. de Stefani, known for his work with S.A. bands such as FOKOFPOLISIEKAR, FUZIGISH, TWEAK, A-KING etc.

“...recording the album was the logical next step for us. We’d been fighting to break into the scene and realised that without an album we’d keep running into walls.”- Damien Krause

The album was released late in 2008 and drew the attention of FLAG MUSIC COLLECTIVE who signed the band up for management. It was FLAG who put SINGLED OUT in touch with Erwin ............ from E MUSIC GROUP who is known for his work with SARON GAS who later became SEETHER.

Since then the band has received airplay on TUKS FM, MFM, U.J. FM, R.S.G. and PUK FM, as well as in-studio interviews on all of the above mentioned radio stations as well as being chosen for the featured artist of the month on R.S.G.

SINGLED OUT’s unstoppable determination, visionary ideals and uncompromising work ethic guarantee that their endeavours to come will only be successful!


“...tight, professional and pretty funny in between songs.”- Blunt Magazine.

“...the loudest product much needed by the South African market!”- R.S.G. FM.

“...get a hold of this album; it’ll give you a whole new perspective of what this country has to offer!”- Locally Whipped Magazine.

“...brilliant stuff! Great songs! Well done! they have my support!”- Barney Simon