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BORN: December 8, 1966, Dublin, Ireland

Sinéad O'Connor has been a revolutionary force in popular
music for more than a decade and now, Atlantic Records is
proud to release an extraordinary new work from the
acclaimed and always outspoken artist. faith and courage -
O'Connor's highly anticipated label debut and first all
new, full-length album in six years - is a strikingly
expressive collection of songs that traverse the human
experience, touching on such universals as love and lust,
respect and responsibility, strength and spirit.

From the anthemic self-determination of the More...

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Review about Sinead O'Connor songs
O Ro SE Do Beatha Awhaile,,, | Reviewer: Mick Flynn
    ------ About the song Óró, Sé Do Bheatha 'Bhaile performed by Sinead O'Connor

An Old Irish Marching Song,,,,and Sineads version is probably the best I ever heard for passion , soul,,conviction and she really brings the sadness of the time out. She is in my humble opinion the BEST female vocalist/songwriter/musician,to come out of this little Island.

Jeannie and Anachie | Reviewer: Gabrielle
    ------ About the song Anachie Gordon performed by Sinead O'Connor

Jeannie was being forced by her parents to marry a well-off old man instead of her true love, Anachie Gordon, young and handsome. She was forced into marriage with the older man, but she refused to go to bed with him, telling her parents I won't marry him, I will wear gold around my head and fringe my gowns--a look common to prostitutes in earlier centuries, the "fringe" being slits in the skirt to show a little leg.
Although forced marriages were common, usually both male and female reconciled themselves to the prospect, having no other choice. Jeannie was a stubborn teenager, it seems!

Jah, Babylon etc. | Reviewer: Daniel N.
    ------ About the song Fire On Babylon performed by Sinead O'Connor

This is a Biblical Babylon, opressor of God's people. This is a metaphor, nothing about Iraq.

In the live version she at the end sings Psalm 68, but like Tosh... Jah arise, etc. Google for Pete Tosh Jah...

Mentioning "Fire", "Babylon", "Jah" in a song proves this to be a Rasta song. Only the Lion in Sion is missing.

Check her tatoos.

Meaning of the song | Reviewer: Kate
    ------ About the song Fire On Babylon performed by Sinead O'Connor

Guys, she didn't write it about a country war but a family war. Her mum was apparently abusive to her and her siblings. She didn't write it about Iraq... It's a personal account of her abusive mother

Donegal, Ireland. | Reviewer: Bridie Doherty.
    ------ About the song She moved through the fair performed by Sinead O'Connor

This was my dad,s song, so I got to like it, he died when I was just 5 and I only remember some things about him, My relatives said he had a beautiful voice, this song is rather sad, and not easy to understand, sounds like the last he knew of her was she was seen on her way home after shopping, but then later she came in the night, my dead love came in, sounds like her ghost.Like to hear it sung by a man .

Sinead at her best | Reviewer: sdg
    ------ About the song John, I Love You performed by Sinead O'Connor

I saw Sinead in a very small venue in Providence, RI over 10 years ago. When she sang this song you could hear a pin drop in the place. It was chilling and probably one of the most beautifully performed songs I had ever heard live. I wish she was healthy and touring because her voice is like no other.

Boston Irish | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Foggy Dew performed by Sinead O'Connor

There are few details of my grandfather's involvement in the 1916 era uprising, and oh how I wish I knew more. He left Ireland under an assumed name because of a "price on his head" I was told. How he got to the US I really don't know. He loved Ireland and made sure his sons knew what happened. My father relayed the sentiment, though not the details. I passed what I could to my son. Before this song I was in the mind to leave it at that and not pass it on to my grandchildren. This song, Ms O'Connor's compelling performance of it, have led me to an interest in our history and a determination to (even though my grandfather's young, now-distant relatives are of well-blended heritages) pass on the knowledge of the injustice suffered and the brave fight for freedom. What an amazing history. I'm so proud to be of Irish blood.

what??? | Reviewer: girlwhoisclass
    ------ About the song The Singing Bird performed by Sinead O'Connor

hel;lo im singing this song for my grade and this is not the words,for those people trying to learn this song please use my lyrics ( i have seen the lark soar high at morn heard his song up in the blue i have heard the blackbird pipe is notes the thrush and the linnet too (chorus)but theres none of them can sing so sweet my singing bird as you ahhhhhhhhhhh my singing bird as you.

if i could lure my singing bird down from her cosy nest then ill bring down my singing bird and hold her too my breast (repeat chorus).

oh i will climb u high oak tree to my wild birds nest above and ill bring down my singing bird to the arms of her own true love but theres none of them can sing so sweet my singing bird as you ahhhhhhhhh my singing bird as you ahhhhhhhhh my singing bird as you

A new interpretation | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song She moved through the fair performed by Sinead O'Connor

The "story" for me, works best if sung by a man. Possibly the `'young love" was consumptive, knew it, knew she would die from it, and was buying time in order to die before they married. This would, perhaps explain the sorrow that never was said. It could have been too late for him by then, and these circumstances the tragedy.

Simply Beautiful | Reviewer: Leander
    ------ About the song The Foggy Dew performed by Sinead O'Connor

As an Irish American who's parent never gave much a care to teaching us our ancestry and heritage I had to take it up on my own. I'm now more proud a Irishman than I am of my American back ground. I've never heard another song (Or rendetion there of) that instantly brought me to tears. but this will almost every time. I wish I were able to experience the heritage and sheer beauty that Ireland has to offer.

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