Sinead O'Connor Albums

  • How About I Be Me (And You Be You)? Album
    4th And Vine
    Reason With Me
    Old Lady
    Take Off Your Shoes
    Back Where You Belong
    The Wolf Is Getting Married
    Queen Of Denmark
    Very Far From Home
    I Had A Baby

  • Theology Album (6/12/2007)
    Disc 1 - Dublin Sessions
    Something Beautiful
    We People Who Are Darker Than Blue
    Out Of The Depths
    Dark I Am Yet Lovely
    If You Had A Vineyard
    Watcher Of Men
    The Glory Of Jah
    Whomsoever Dwells
    Rivers Of Babylon
    Hosanna Filio David
    Disc 2 - London Sessions
    Something Beautiful
    We People Who Are Darker Than Blue
    Out Of The Depths
    Dark I Am Yet Lovely
    I Don't Know How To Love Him
    If You Had A Vineyard
    The Glory Of Jah
    Watcher Of Men
    Whomsoever Dwells
    Rivers Of Babylon

  • Throw Down Your Arms Album (10/4/2005)
    Jah Nuh Dead
    Marcus Garvey
    Door Peep
    He Prayed
    Y Mas Gan
    Curly Locks
    Prophet Has Arise
    Downpressor Man
    Throw Down Your Arms
    Untold Stories

  • Collaborations Album (6/21/2005)
    Special Cases
    1000 Mirrors
    Guide Me God
    Visions Of You
    Wake Up And Make Love With Me
    Kingdom Of Rain
    I'm Not Your Baby
    Tears From The Moon
    Blood Of Eden
    Up In Arms
    It's All Good
    Monkey In Winter
    All Kinds Of Everything

  • She Who Dwells in the Secret Place of the Most High Shall Abide Under the Shadow of the Almighty Album (9/9/2003)
  • Sean-Nos Nua Album (10/8/2002)
  • Faith & Courage Album (6/13/2000)
  • So Far: Best Of Sinead O'connor Album (11/18/1997)
  • Gospel Oak Album (8/12/1997)
  • Universal Mother Album (9/13/1994)
  • Am I Not Your Girl? Album (9/22/1992)
  • I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got Album (3/1/1990)
  • Lion & The Cobra Album (3/1/1987)

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    Reviews about Sinead O'Connor albums

    Theology | Reviewer: acrOlyu
        ------ About the album Theology performed by Sinead O'Connor

    Sinead a travez de los a├▒os siempre ha hecho musica a Dios, la diferncia que esta vez tanto cigarro ha hecho que la voz de Sined no logre esos tonos que hcia antiguamente, aun asi destacan temas como "If you had a vineyard", "Something Beutifull" y "I don't know how to love him"

    Shockingly Beautiful | Reviewer: JZ
        ------ About the album Theology performed by Sinead O'Connor

    O'Connor has always explored spiritual themes in her work, but here she pulls off a real winner by utilizing universal themes of anger, desolation, thankfulness, betrayal, joy, etc. from the Old Testament Psalms and even the raw sensuality of the Songs of Solomon. Her original melodies and reworked lyrics ("Turn up your bass amp...whack it up all the way save Him") are some of her best. The whole effect is one of majestic reverence and emotion. Disc one presents the songs as totally personal, purely acoustic "prayers" about anger, war, peace, reflection. Then, Disc two brings the same songs to the electric mountain-top and transforms them into full rock and hip-hop "anthems." The effect is one that shows both the personal and universal power in the search for some way to make sense of the world in a bigger picture.

    This could have been an awful album, (and those who balk at O'Connor or detest any kind of "spiritual" reflection will never give a work like this a chance), but O'Connor manages to remain groundbreaking and a potent singer-songwriter, arranger, etc. An intense, symbolic album, reminiscent of Dylan's 'Slow Train Coming' in some ways, and the spiritual searchings of Johnny Cash in others (O'Connor's insta-classic "If You Had A Vineyard" is very very Cash, in the best possible way). There are only two crap-tracks out of the 24 songs: "I Don't Know How To Love Him" (An alternative rock goddess should NOT sing Lloyd Webber crap, and she doesn;t sell it here), and the London(Disc 2) version of "Watcher of Men," which she arranges as a lazy trance number. It sucks. The acoustic version of this song (Disc One) is one ofher best, angriest, and most hair-raising.

    Otherwise, a striking document with O'Connor showcasing voice, songwriting, guitar-playing, and her bold honesty in another innovative way. More of a HUMAN album than a spiritual one, and one does not have to be "religious" to pick up on the very potent themes she explores here. A keeper. Maybe even a classic.

    Also: Production by Ireland's Steve Cooney and London's Ron

    Something different from Sinead | Reviewer: Cnn
        ------ About the album Am I Not Your Girl? performed by Sinead O'Connor

    This is not your typical Sinead music. Gone are the hollowness and brash tones. In the album, she displays her raw vocal cords in the tunes of big band and jazz-like tunes such as Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered, Black Coffee, Secret Love and Black coffee. A side not many has heard, this album will surprise many people when they first listen to it. Her voice is soft, deep and controlled. Very nice and totally unexpected. If you like good vocals...this is a must!!

    a must have ! | Reviewer: fairym
        ------ About the album Lion & The Cobra performed by Sinead O'Connor

    This is simply a great album with the full rage and potential of Sinead voice and not soooo 80s orchestrations :)
    Just enjoy....

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