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Steve Earle Sincerely (Too Late To Turn Back Now) Lyrics

Last updated: 08/28/2001 06:42:14 AM

I could tell you I came by to say hello
But I knew good and well that you weren't home
Now these lines I write
Will reach you by midnight
Tell you that it's over, anyhow
Sincerely, too late turn back now

Blue words on white paper find a way
To say what I'm not strong enough to say
If I stay to say goodbye
Someone's bound to cry
And I don't think that I can stand to hear that sound
Sincerely, too late turn back now

I don't need to sign my name
Because you know me by now
And I won't have to take the blame
When tears come falling down
I just ain't got the heart to hang around
Sincerely, too late to turn back now
P.S. I guess I let you down