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The British soul pop band Simply Red was formed in 1984 by
singer Mick "Red" Hucknall (born Michael James Hucknall,
Jun. 8, 1960, Manchester, England) with three ex-members of
Durutti Column, Tony Bowers (b. Oct. 31, 1952) (bass),
Chris Joyce (b. Oct. 11, 1957, Manchester, England)
(drums), and Tim Kellett (b. July 23, 1964, Knaresborough,
England) (brass, keyboards), plus Sylvan Richardson
(guitar) and Fritz McIntyre (b. Sep. 2, 1956, Birmingham,
England) (keyboards).

The group signed to Elektra Records and released Picture
Book (October 1985), which More...

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Review about Simply Red songs
"Holdin on" in spite of childhood pain and suffering | Reviewer: peterson
    ------ About the song Holding Back The Years performed by Simply Red

IMHO, the song alludes to a tragic childhood of someone who thought who could not measure up to his father's hopes (wishes), and never received the affection he wanted from his mother. There is regret for all "the tears and years wasted", for the situation was hopeless (nothing had a chance to be good). As an adult, the singer still has hope for the future (I keep holdin' on), but somehow cannot escape the trauma of his childhood and the regrets that stem from it.

    ------ About the song Money's Too Tight To Mention performed by Simply Red

you don't know about oppresion unless you lived under the comunist regime?

Aye right mate try coming and living in Britain or N.Ireland
then tell me about your oppresion,this brit government just make up new laws every other month,laws that most of the time DON'T suit the masses,but that don't matter they just fire away and impose it anyway,leaving families on or under the bread-line while they spend billions fighting a "war on terror",a war for the control of the world's oil,that if they never had contol of would bring terror to them,thats the only terror.

And before all this al-queada shit,they BROUGHT terror,terror to the people of N.Ireland(well the catholic side of it)by draagging fathers and sons from their bed in the middle of the night infront of their families,then taking them away to be tortured,and they talk about terrorism,ffs they are THE best at it,only difference is their is legitamised,why?BECAUSE THEY SAY SO.

here's a wee song from Ireland and a line in it say's it all
"and you dare to call me a terrorist while you look down your gun"

Missing Lyrics | Reviewer: Hank Scorpio
    ------ About the song Money's Too Tight To Mention performed by Simply Red

I was a bit skeptical as to whether or not these lyrics are correct, so I just listened to the song on my computer.

At the end he sings: "I'm, talkin' about money money" four times, then he sings: "I'm talkin' about Ronnie, Ronnie" four times, then: "Did the earth move for you Nancy?" - which is the funniest line in the song, aside from CUT-BACK! lol

Wow wow... Perfection at its best lyricaly proven | Reviewer: Anon
    ------ About the song Holding Back The Years performed by Simply Red

It got me thing about how James felt when he wrote this amazin song, lyricaly speakin. I always feel shedin a tear when i hear it playin at all times. I heard the song many years ago, but i stil feel lyk burstin in tears, bcz i feel the song lyricaly and everything puted together in the song. It gets me thinking very very deep, when he says "strangled by the wishes of plater, hoping for the arms of mater, get to me the sooner or later. Wow thats all i can say and express. Thank you James (simply red).

Reaganomics... | Reviewer: Pete
    ------ About the song Money's Too Tight To Mention performed by Simply Red

Reaganomics only led to the greatest economic expansion in our lifetimes.

Yeah, things were really bad under Reagan, who turned around a flailing, disaster of an economy.

But "Simply Red" couldn't make it because of "Reaganomics" and their relatives were also too poor, likely due to "Reaganomics" because they couldn't loan the band any money.

Yeah, it was just terrible in those days with plenty of well-paying jobs, low-unemployment, the Millions of Jobs "Reaganomics" created, not to mention all those jobs nearly doubled federal income tax revenues under his two terms, and they didn't come from raising taxes, they came from expanding the tax base from all the jobs "Reaganomics" created.

I wonder what they would sing about the Boy Blunder who currently occupies the WH, who is only interested in creating one job. For himself in 2012

"Simply Red" probably couldn't afford a guitar pick under "Obamanomics"

Oh, and I love to hear how much money Reagan spent to bankrupt the USSR during the cold-war, which would likely still be expanding and costing us 10x more money had Reagan not brought down the USSR by defeating their military not in a conventional war, but by making a deal with OPEC to drop oil prices so low that it cost the USSR more money to extract their oil than they could sell it for, which was one of many straws Reagan placed on the "Camel's back" that eventually broke it.

Thanks to Reagan, the USSR fell, then the wall fell as well and Eastern Europe was free!

My Father didn't live long enough to see it, but my Mother did as both lived in Eastern Europe under the Soviet oppression and she cried with tears of joy when the wall came down.

Unless you've lived under the oppression, you wouldn't understand how brutal it was and what people lived thru under Communism and even Socialism.

So FU "Simply Red" - The Reagan era was the best in generations.

That's why he constantly polls as one of the greatest US Presidents of all-time.

Here's the proof:

Where do you think the one-term empty-suit the media so adores will end up 20 years after his utter failure as President?

Probably right with Jimmy Carter where he belongs.

"Simply Red" were probably nothing more than a bunch of unemployed bums "on the dole" before they hit it big and sold Millions of Albums to all those "poor" people suffering under "Reaganomics"

Greatness! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Holding Back The Years performed by Simply Red

Timeless classic, one the I find myself humming while working or just doing mindless activity. Has meanings that apply to many facets of relationships. THIS IS WHAT I CALL MUSIC! when you still love it many years from the release date. God bless simply red

A song that means... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Home performed by Simply Red

This song I always listen when I'm down or tired, cause it explais some feelings we sometimes fell. I don't know what is, but I listen, cause there are feelings we can't explain, this song explain what I'm feeling inside, by me... A good song, of longing, and other things...

holding on | Reviewer: keisha
    ------ About the song Holding Back The Years performed by Simply Red

wow this song is truly amazing i first heard it on the movie "love & basketball" & yes even if you manage to break up with a boyfriend or girlfrined it's truly hard to say goodbye sometimes especially if you love them. You will keep holding on & holding back the years that were shared. It's a deep song, I'm only 16 & i understand completly.

Classic love song... | Reviewer: Musa Khan
    ------ About the song World And You Tonight performed by Simply Red

I've not heard Simply Red much, but when I heard this song, it reminded me of my relationship with my girlfriend. I wish she could know how much I loved her and love her and will continue to do so... Bottom-line, great song! Well done Simple Red!!

choose love over fear and control | Reviewer: Judy Hooker
    ------ About the song Holding Back The Years performed by Simply Red

This is a haunting song. The damage we incur in our parents' homes can last a lifetime and affect all future relationships. If we are not willing to examine the defects we bring from these first relationships,we will be flawed for life, leaving those closest to our hearts to say, "Nothing had a chance to be good, nothing ever could". Tragic. We need to live our lives courageously.Examine, question and love, love. JH

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