Simple Plan Lyrics

Simple plan consists of five members:
Pierre Bouvier- Lead vocals
Charles Comeau AKA Chuck- Drums
Jeff Stinco- Lead guitar
David Desrosiers-Bass and back vocals
Sebastian Lefebvre AKA Seb- Guitar and back vocals

These five amazingly good looking guys come out of good old
Montreal Canada!! Jeff, Chuck, Seb, and Pierre all went to
the same Highschool. They eventually formed a band, but
they needed a new bassist. At the time, Pierre was doing
vocals and playing bass, but wanted to just sing. So they
recruited Dave from a band called Reset More...

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Review about Simple Plan songs
Amawitea | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song How Could This Happen to Me performed by Simple Plan

I always listen this song. . .cause i was lonely,the day when she left and become another girl,my heart pain,how could this happen to me?its a good song for me

I'm so sorry. | Reviewer: Kristy
    ------ About the song Perfect performed by Simple Plan

I had never heard this song before until my dear friends son hung himself this weekend. He left a note that referenced this song. Please if you feel alone or unhappy talk to someone. Life is to precious to take. Remember God is always there...

Dry Cleaner memories... | Reviewer: Shannon Ford
    ------ About the song How Could This Happen to Me performed by Simple Plan

I always used to listen to this song when I worked at a dry cleaners. I remember gazing wistfully at the picture of Tom Waterhouse I kept in my purse everytime it came on. How could he go and marry that socialite he'd only known for six years when I WAS THE ONE WHO HAD DREAMED OF HIM? HOW IS THAT FUCKIN' FAIR? How could this happen to me?

Simple | Reviewer: Noreen Lobus
    ------ About the song How Could This Happen to Me performed by Simple Plan

I just feel like I had too many mistakes and regrets in life that I couldnt erase. It became a part of me, slowly shattering me from the inside once I triggered it the memories come rushing it like tidal waves crashing through the shore of my unkempt heart. I feel like I want to disappear for a while but im chained to the ground and I could never escape. Theres no escape. Thats why the end of the song has a question. Just a question. "How could this happen to me?" And you start wondering WHY. And it all boils down to nothing. It cannot be answered. Well either way, we are forever lonely. We just hope for the best that this world doesnt devour us.

@Josie Reilly | Reviewer: Sandy Winchester
    ------ About the song The Rest of Us performed by Simple Plan

you should totally try and meet them! they're amazing guys, nice and friendly, easy to talk to. I met them 3 times and I was stunned how normal they are! next concert you go to, go and look for the tourbus and wait for them. They will be there and I can already predict, you won't be disappointed!

What I Think | Reviewer: Josie Reilly
    ------ About the song The Rest of Us performed by Simple Plan

i think that this is perfect. simple plan saved my life. if they did not exist in this world then neither would i. absolutely no changes should be made to this because whatever simple plan do, it's always going to be gold. my dreams is to definitely meet them, that would put a smile on my face, and i would actually mean it for once. i love simple plan with all my heart!

Sad | Reviewer: Lalu
    ------ About the song How Could This Happen to Me performed by Simple Plan

Its been 5 years. I have a girl in my life for whom i have feeling for last 5 years. I haven't been able to express this to her. We were good friends and all was going good. 2 and half years back one of my best friends proposed her and she said yes. That was the time when i felt like screaming out "HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN TO ME?" She is still in my life and i am still living with the same pain. Still the song belongs to me. I just love the song. Its always been a partner for my loneliness. It always will be

*^* | Reviewer: Spina_Aozora
    ------ About the song How Could This Happen to Me performed by Simple Plan

I love this song, cause it's really sad and I love the sad songs cause they remind me that I'm a real person, and it's possible that I could dead in any moment (Sorry for my English but I'm Spanish... XD)

JOY | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Welcome To My Life performed by Simple Plan

The song is bring the awareness that their ppl not jus kids that are facing one problem or the other,those on d outside are all smiles and on d inside its a different story.The song is an open eye atleast its different from all the love,sex songs.It tells u there is a problem sooo solve it

You were my soulmate | Reviewer: Anon
    ------ About the song Thank You performed by Simple Plan

E. I devoted myself to you for 5 years and rarely asked for anything in return. But apparently you decided one day that I was no longer important! Did you think I would forget that day when we made that vow in the hall. Thanks for shitting on that! I thought you were my hero, but now I have no choice but to see your really shallow, selfish and pretentious! You'll never find anyone like me. Realize that!

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