Simple Plan Albums

  • Simple Plan Album (2/12/2008)
    When I'm Gone
    Take My Hand
    The End
    Your Love Is A Lie
    Save You
    Time To Say Goodbye
    I Can Wait Forever
    Holding On
    No Love
    What If

  • Still Not Getting Any Album (10/25/2004)
    Shut Up
    Perfect World
    Thank You
    Me Against the World
    Welcome To My Life

  • No Helmets, No Pads... Just Balls Album (3/19/2002)
    God must hate me
    I'd Do Anything
    Worst Day Ever
    You Don't Mean Anything
    I'm Just A Kid
    When I'm With You
    Meet You There
    My Alien
    I Won't Be There
    One Day

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    Reviews about Simple Plan albums
    make more albums | Reviewer: Skyler west
        ------ About the album Still Not Getting Any performed by Simple Plan

    I am 13 years old and just started listening to simple plan but I have heard them enough to know that if they make another albums it will be great maybe even more than great

    Love them!! | Reviewer: Jackie
        ------ About the album Simple Plan performed by Simple Plan

    I love them so much!! Their music is so easy to relate to and just something great to listen to. It makes you feel better after a bad break-up, or a bad family relationship. They are just amazing and I really hope they keep making music because it keeps me going and I would pretty much die without it. Love them so much!!!!

    SIMLPLE PLAN ROCKS THE HOUSE! ! ROCK IT BOYZ! ! ! | Reviewer: Salaseini kuru.
        ------ About the album No Helmets, No Pads... Just Balls performed by Simple Plan

    Huy,i think that this group is the bestest gruop i've ever seen in my whole life.I mean for just like one second, we'll hear there new song again! For all of the song they've sang, like ,'' Welcome to my life etc. I really like there new song. You know, I'am always dying to get any of their posters or albums but i don't actually have that much money to buy one of this kind of things...... well, guess i'll hane to wait.

    rock on | Reviewer: beryl
        ------ About the album Still Not Getting Any performed by Simple Plan

    yeh simple plan rock! i like cheese too, but simple plan makes better music than cheese. my bestest friend, mell, gave me the album for my birthday (she rocks heaps, big hug for mell) and i've been playing it non stop since then yep thats my story no stop reading this and go buy the most awesomest album in the world - SIMPLE PLAN!!!!


    SIMPLE PLAN ROCK MY SOX OFF! | Reviewer: Brooke
        ------ About the album Still Not Getting Any performed by Simple Plan

    OMG! Simple Plan is the best!!! I dont even have to listen to there CD to know that they are going to have another AWESOME album! I LOVE THEM!

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