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Maroon 5 Simple Kind Of Lovely Lyrics

Last updated: 08/20/2009 11:00:00 AM

Leaning on a tree trunk
Thinking all the same junk
Falling in and out of a dream
Back and forth I'm swaying
I'm contemplating staying
Laying and decaying
When I know I must leave
Where do I aim when I shoot the breeze?
How do I calm myself at times like these?

I need a simple kind of lovely
And the *thought* is just a novelty

You can spend the whole time
Dangling from a grape vine
Standing underneath you
When they cut you free
What about when the sun leaves?
And what about all those bad dreams?
Who will walk you back into reality?
I wish things could be like this everyday
But I know that I could never live this way

It was just a simple kind of lovely
And the memories will be ok

The memories will be ok
Memories will be ok

Thanks to Lani, for submitting Simple Kind Of Lovely Lyrics.

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very nice song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/13/09

this song is from an unreleased album recorded by kara's flowers in 1999 called Stagg Street Recordings

Tracklist of Stagg Street Recordings:
01 If You Only Knew
02 The Fog
03 Simple Kind Of Lovely
04 The Great Getaway
05 Good At being Gone
06 Not Falling Apart
07 The Kid With The Velvet Eyes
08 As Things Collide
09 Everyday Goodbyes

Where do I find it. | Reviewer: Dawn | 9/17/07

I LOVE this song. But what album is it on? I can't find it anywhere! I found it on a download site by mistake - but of course the tail end is cut off and I want to purchase the real song.

awsome song | Reviewer: MELISSA | 12/16/04

i have to say, this is one of my favourite songs from maroon 5..very awsome song. keep up the great music!!!!!!!!!