Silverstein Albums

  • This Is How The Wind Shifts Album (2/5/2013)
    Stand Amid The Roar
    On Brave Mountains We Conquer
    This Is How
    A Better Place
    Hide Your Secrets
    In a Place of Solace
    In Silent Seas We Drown
    The Wind Shifts
    To Live and To Lose
    With Second Chances

  • Short Songs Album (2/7/2012)
    Sick As Your Secrets
    Sin & Redemption
    La Marseillaise
    World On Fire
    Sleep Around
    My Miserable Life
    Truth & Temptation
    One Last Dance
    See Ya Bill
    Short Songs
    236 E. Broadway
    Good Intentions
    Destination: Blood!
    Coffee Mug
    xOn Our Kneesx
    Scenes From Parisian Life
    It's My Job To Keep Punk Rock Elite
    Quit Your Job
    The Ballad Of Wilhelm Fink
    You Gotta Stay Positive

  • Rescue Album (4/26/2011)
    Forget Your Heart
    Good Luck With Your Lives
    Texas Mickey
    The Artist
    Burning Hearts
    Darling Harbour
    Live To Kill
    Replace You
    In Memory Of
    Bonus Track
    Dancing On My Grave

  • Transitions Album (12/1/2010)
    Darling Harbour
    Dancing On My Grave
    Replace You

  • A Shipwreck In The Sand Album (3/31/2009)
  • Arrivals & Departures Album (7/3/2007)
  • Discovering The Waterfront Album (8/16/2005)
  • When Broken Is Easily Fixed Album (5/20/2003)
  • When The Shadows Beam Album (4/16/2002)
  • Summer's Stellar Gaze Album (4/16/2000)

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    OOOOOOOOOOOOOMG! | Reviewer: Joe Pepper
        ------ About the album Discovering The Waterfront performed by Silverstein

    This album is the bets one yet. seriously you guys should make more!!!!
    loves xxxx SAFE! =p

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