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Silverchair is Australia’s most successful contemporary
rock band. The group has had more top twenty hits during
the last decade than any other local artist and they have
sold over six million albums worldwide.

The members of Silverchair were all born in 1979 in the
Newcastle surf suburb of Merewether. Singer/guitarist
Daniel Johns and drummer Ben Gillies started making music
together at primary school and schoolmate Chris Joannou
later joined on bass. In the group’s early days they were
called Innocent Criminals and their repertoire More...

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Review about Silverchair songs
totally agree | Reviewer: sv
    ------ About the song Ana's Song (Open Fire) performed by Silverchair

With all comments. Daniel is a genious a beautiful human being. The way he describe all the suffer he went throught is just incredible.
My respect for this great artist.

It's not that hard to understand | Reviewer: Crystal
    ------ About the song Tomorrow performed by Silverchair

He is referring to himself as "fat boy".
He is he is abusing and taunting himself here..
Probably saying he has to change. Self hatred?
And change now instead of waiting for "tomorrow"
to do it.

Great song | Reviewer: Jay
    ------ About the song Tuna In The Brine performed by Silverchair

Good departure from the old grungy silverchair to something more positive with more light at the end of the tunnel. Great music as well, either on acoustic guitar or with the orchestra

Question | Reviewer: Ariel
    ------ About the song Ana's Song (Open Fire) performed by Silverchair

Can someone tell me -'cause i don't speak english- what is he saying when he use the word "designed", and when he say "and i need you/what i need from you" what could he need from anorexia? Or is he singing about a girl too?

Thank you.

No one. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Ana's Song (Open Fire) performed by Silverchair

Sirieus.. I love this song so damn much!
It is really hard to listin to the lyrics 'cause i had anorexic my self but he discibes it so percect.
I just love the song
(and i am sorry if my english is baaaaad)

Beautiful | Reviewer: Jelena
    ------ About the song Ana's Song (Open Fire) performed by Silverchair

This song brings me to tears every time I listen to it. It hurts to know that a beautiful person like Daniel went through anorexia. He's such a strong person and this song says it all. He brings hope to people suffering from anorexia.

Great music from a group of kids | Reviewer: rdp3537
    ------ About the song Tomorrow performed by Silverchair

I"m 44 now but first heard thsi song and of the group back in 1995. Thought then and still do think for some 15 year old kids they really put out a great product. I always thought they were a lot like Def Leppard way back when they were kids doing On Through the Night. Really rocks and good lyrics from someone who hasn't yet faced a lot that life has instore for them.
I've just recenly broke out Frogstomp and still liked the whole CD. Even had to loan it to my 14 and 17 year old nieces. They arr musically inclined and never heard of the group but really liked them.
Good to see they help up and didn't dissappear. When I was a kid we had such crappy music from other kids that those songs have long become loast. Thank God they didn't become the DeFrancos or another Hanson

High Chair wa wa wa | Reviewer: mick six
    ------ About the song Tomorrow performed by Silverchair

Consistent with the ongoing childish and shallow lyrics form this band.
Their songwriting abilities aren't as strong as those of their peers.
Their initial sounds fit right in with 90's alt/grunge but the lack of depth sends them to the back of the line. I liked them for a few minutes I think. I remember I liked Styx for about a month when I was young. I was very young. Mr. Nick Pearson said it best... "Once you reach the level of intellectual maturity where you can tell the difference between cryptic but poetic lyrics and nonsensical crap, you have outgrown Silverchair"

Great song | Reviewer: Lev
    ------ About the song Tomorrow performed by Silverchair

It's an inspiring and powerful song with a great message of social justice. It's about the "haves" and "have nots" and a warning to the ruling elite, the wealthy bourgeoisie, that their days are numbered, that their hold on power will last only until the great masses of working class and poor people become conscious.

In a sense it's a call to smash capitalism and replace it with a social order that has a human face, one that puts people's lives above profits, one that won't be able to sleep at night if there are people living in shacks and shantytowns with no indoor plumbing. One that won't spend billions on military adventurism and launching space shuttles while its citizens fight over the crumbs and live under bridges. Powerful song and a powerful, enlightening message.

Workers of all countries, UNITE!

Nice Nice | Reviewer: AvrirLecrox
    ------ About the song Without You performed by Silverchair

This is my all time favorite song... This song always makes me happy somehow even in my gloomiest state... I really like how the band mature over the years. They always do a new sound every album.. I just really love 'em! \m/

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