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Ron Pope Silly Notes And Gypsy Clothes Lyrics

Last updated: 05/22/2012 11:00:00 AM

Your silly notes, your gypsy clothes
are all scattered around in my head
its been so long since i had a home
you're the only thing that comes to mind

When i think of the place
that i need to be when i sleep
you and me, you and me, you and me
gotta love

but i cant explain but we've aped
more then most to get here
so i pray that this time
we both understand that from
Belgrades to Boston

were much better off holding hands

an envelope that u scribbled on
and those old grey pajamas
that i used to wear crumbled up
on your side of the bed

and i cant quite explain what i mean
but im trying so hard
the windows are closed
and the airs blowing hot but im freezing

oh darling come home
cause winters alone are like punishments for things
that we haven't done wrong
and i know, time apart, it wont last
cause from belgrades to Boston

we're much better off holding hands
we're much better off holding hands
we're much better off holding hands

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