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Silk is one of those handful of super groups that wields a
double edged sword. If their diamond-smooth harmonies don't
get you, their authentic brand of unbridled passion will.
Combine that passion with a rare kind of chivalry from an
almost bygone era, and you have one of the more enigmatic
entities in R&B. Their songs - infectious as always - are
backed up by five young men who approach what they do with
a fierce work ethic, and strength of character that is all
but abandoned in today's disposable pop environment.

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Reviews about Silk songs

lets make love | Reviewer: jaillissia a.k. jaiboo
    ------ About the song Let's Make Love performed by Silk

mani love dis song ertime i think anout my future husband all i can think of is me and him amking love and he is my worlk i wouldnt trade him foe nan in da world i love dis song so much it me and him aqainst the world so u kno im down for my babee it aint nan but love over here

Silk did there thanq | Reviewer: Alexandria *mz qorqeous*
    ------ About the song More performed by Silk

No wordz can explain how powerful this sonq is, i freakinq lovee disz sonq. It says alot in just five minz and fourty.six secondz ! This is one of my fav sonqz. Silk is dhaa ish .& im qladd to see im not the only one feelinq disz way !


i wanna be loved | Reviewer: NBA
    ------ About the song More performed by Silk

aye yo i was on the plane wid dawayne naw im jus playing but shid we in class and this song just got to me (tear!). I mean i just wanna be loved and not being beat up every damn second. It hurts when he put his hands around my neck shake the hell out of me, but i love him<3. ya know?

~Mrs. Hardy~ | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song More performed by Silk

ok well to start off this song is soooooo damn pretty.every time i hear it i think about not only sex but me and my hubbie just lookin into each otherz eyez. love is a indescribable feeling that can never be tooken advantage of....but any wayz i love this song and my husband.

words to live by... | Reviewer: msz.des
    ------ About the song More performed by Silk

in my opinion, this is the greatest silk song of all time.
not only does it incorporate their sexual themed lyrics that they are known for...!
but it also includes the sensual side.
this song is not just about sex and its not about how much a man can make a woman wild...'s about MAKING LOVE and how deeply affection from the one you care about is needed.
when you're truly in love, that passion two people share heightens the sexual pleasure.
the lyrics show the bliss that can come from sexing the person you love,
and they don't insist how freaky people can get!!
and that's why I love this song.

More!!!! | Reviewer: bria
    ------ About the song More performed by Silk

this my song!!! this song represents the way i feel when man is around and gone!!! when you listen to this don't just listen to the words. understand the meaning of the words,the word's in this song have a meaning!! so feel the meaning.
6y 6rezzy 6ri
one love ;-)

The best song to bust A NUT TO, SERIOUSLY! | Reviewer: Deelicious
    ------ About the song Meeting In My Bedroom performed by Silk

OH MY GOODNESS! I mean the other day i was listening to this while gettin down with the get down n i mean ive heard this song b4, but that day it just took my mind and i got in the groove like ive never got in the groove. When I got through my man said dat u wer in rare form and that wer goin to have to listen to dat song more often. Basically wat i jus said in dis passage is that its tha best song eva. My loves keith sweat and i think yall r betta than them, like 4real.

Greatest Love Song | Reviewer: "Simmons"
    ------ About the song Meeting In My Bedroom performed by Silk

This your girl from Winchester, KY. I know, you're probably saying where? It is about 15 miles East of Lexington, KY and about 1 1/2 hours East of Louisville. Meeting in My Bedroom is one of the hottest love songs around. We are waiting on you next greatest love song. That is on the real. Peace out, Simmons.

so loveable | Reviewer: ~%Mz.Remy%~
    ------ About the song More performed by Silk

i love this song my mna introduced me to now i cant stop listening to it bcuz everytime i hear dis song makes me think of him and the day he song this to me wen he askd me to marry him !!!!!!!! this song was perfect

I like the way | Reviewer: Domoniqe
    ------ About the song If You (Lovin' Me) performed by Silk

I like the way u put the lyrics right on here becuase people just slop things on there they really don't care and also people put to much on there songz your is not to mmuch or to little so thanx again

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