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Silhouettes above the cradle hold me down
They won't let me go the wrong way
My mother taught me all the fables, told me how
In the end all the sinners have to pay

I don't wanna live like my mother
I don't wanna let fear rule my life
And I don't wanna live like my father
I don't wanna give up before I die

He worked so hard his bones are breaking
He wore them down but long ago he lost the feeling
His good intentions leave me shaking, show me how
I don't ever want to end up like he did

I don't wanna live like my mother
I don't wanna let fear rule my life
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And I don't wanna live like my father
I don't wanna give up before I die

When i have kids
I won't put any chains on their wrists, I won't
I'll tell them this
There's nothing in this world that you can't be if you want it enough

I don't wanna live like my mother
I don't wanna let fear rule my life
And I don't wanna live like my father
I don't wanna give up before I die

I don't wanna live like my mother
I don't wanna let fear rule my life
I don't wanna live like my father
I don't wanna give up before I die

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This is an inspiration... | Reviewer: abk | 12/8/13

i got to meet Sean danielson and the rest of the band just this last Friday night,i got to talk to them for about 30 minutes and talked to him specifically about this song...and let me just tell you it changed my life,i recited the song to him "i dont wanna let fear rule my life" and he sung rest of the line to me,i got to hug him and told him he saved life,that i didnt want to be like my father or mother and that he was my inspiration to be my own person and live my life the right way.

Beautiful | Reviewer: His name is mike | 7/8/12

For the record, yes music is entertainment in a way, but its a form of expression, especially in this song. His family was controlling, they didn't try to be, its all they knew. They were chained by limiting belifes, his mom was afraid of the chance, and his dad never took it, never believed he could be anything more than he was, but his determination to keep a family together never faded, and it ruined him in the end. The song is about looking back on pain you've seen in your parents during childhood bug also the will to change the pain to a solution with your own life, your own kids, and learn from their mistakes. One of my favorite songs...

views | Reviewer: pq | 7/24/11

this song just mirrors my life,my father is a good for nothing yet my mum still choose to listen to everything what my ass father says.i dunwanna live like my father!!!!!!!i wanna fucking leave my house and live a life without my father!!!!!!!

Missy | Reviewer: Missy | 6/28/11

Every lyric describes me. And especially my father. He has worked so hard to support our family ane he now has a broken neck, both shoulders torn apart, and 4 stomach hernias, yet he still works to keep us going.. This song is beautiful to me.

@Cindy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/15/11

I'm not being insensitive, but it's not this songs fault. You can't be angry because he had it in his Ipod.
Who cares? Just because it is in his ipod, doesn't mean he necessarily relates to it. I like the song Tik Tok by Kesha. Can I relate to that? NO. I like this song, and I CAN RELATE TO IT. BUT I'm NOT going to do bad thing BECAUSE OF IT.

Overall, I'm sorry for your lost.

This song is... | Reviewer: Venomslate | 10/15/10

Truly this song is a heart felt pain about an abusive family that had neglected their child. (the singer) I feel this song reaches out to a lot of growing teens with abusive and neglectful parent it reaches to them and it show how this one singer rose above his hardships and hard life and became what he did today. This song inspired me to follow my dream and get out of my family's reach, i feel his pain every time i hear this amazing song play on the Radio or or wherever i feel when people hear this song they feel some sense of hope i know i do. Whatever people feel from this it is good whether it be religious or just pure inspiration to get out of their painful home and just escape into a better life. This song is a masterpiece indefinatly

I love this song | Reviewer: shadow | 12/3/09

It's such a heartfelt song. I love how all the instruments blend with the emotion of the singer to make you feel the pain of the singer/speaker. I don't understand how people can say "songs don't have meanings" when there are artists out there who write based on their life experiences such as Eminem, Three Days Grace, Paramore, The Game, etc. It's funny how people just use songs, especially songs like this in particular, as just a form of entertainment. Songs with this are not written just because. They are written from the heart and for the purpose of telling a story. So to those who things songs are just entertainment, try writing a song about your worst experiences in life and then say if it was just for entertainment. No one writes these kinds of songs just to waste words and fill a cd.

Not about religion | Reviewer: Chris | 10/12/09

This song is not about Christianity being forced down someone's throat. That's pure BS. So grow up.

It's obviously about just a plain old broken home from birth and he doesn't want to be like his parents. His mother had fear of leaving and fear of everything. She lied to her son about life in general. His dad just didn't acre about anyone but himself and he gave up on life.

just my view | Reviewer: kim | 9/24/09

i like this song. music to me isnt just something to listen to when your bored i have passion for it. this song has alot of meaning to me cause i can relate to it. and everyone whos laughting at the reviews are ass holes. songs are here to make you feel somthing and to show you the artist point of view on life and so you become understanding. if songs were about joking around all the time. than to me life wold be a joke. listening to this and songs like this makes my view on the world and share ideas. also shows me how other people live and how sometimes i have it to good. compard to them

this song; | Reviewer: marysa | 8/20/09

i absolutely adore this song.
it's not something i personally can relate to, but i know people who have feelings like this. this song has so much emotion, and its such a release to listen to.
i dont think this song could have forced someone to kill themselves, and if it did, no offence, that's pathetic. it's music, if it depresses you, dont listen to it. simple as that .

To: Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/27/09 | Reviewer: 68W10 | 7/9/09

Music is not just for entertainment. It can also be a means of expressing feelings or thoughts you cannot express in words. Its like poetry. Yes, music can be for entertainment, but music is so much more.

People who listen to music can also interpret its meanings in their own ways.

??? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/27/09

Seriously... you all need 2 stop finding a meaning in a song jus because you think it defines or relates 2 you in a certain way! dont try 2 make a meaning of this song jus because you think its it! music is entertainment!!! not a source of why you or someone else did something 2 themself! obviously the band had there own meaning! or mayby not even a meaning but because they liked it! you all sound like the media jus blaming anyone! like they blamed manson for a school shooting!

Silhouettes | Reviewer: Haley | 6/24/09

Parents do the best they know how in order to look after and to care for their kids but sometimes they fall a bit short when it comes to figuring out the right way to get through to them. No parent just decides one day to screw up their kid's life or to make things hard on them. They do the best they can with the card's they're dealt.
Moreover, Kids are the same way. there is never a kid who wakes up one morning and decides to be the family f**k up or a drug addict. no one ever decides to be an alcoholic. However, we do the best we can with the cards we have. while some parents may be abusive, we have the choice to break that cycle and learn for our parent's mistakes. we can choose to do what they didn't.
The issue is though, that sometimes we get so caught up in the situation that we forget to check what's best for those around us and sometimes for ourselves. So many of us define who we are by what we listen to, when really it's the other way around. Our choice in music is based on our circumstances. if we feel that our parents are far from who we want to be, we will listen to something along the lines of this song.
Cindy, you and your husband have done the best you knew how to. raising a kid isn't easy especially when you both have to work just to make ends meet. No doubt your circumstances would have affected your views on life and the way you spoke to your son. just because a song he listened to said "mother taught me all the fables" doesn't mean that he was taking that part into account. YOUR SON DID NOT WRITE THIS SONG. he listened to this song because he felt hurt and upset about his situation and his relationship with his parents. He saw that you were having problems and he probably blamed himself for making it hard for you to pay your bills. He most likely viewed himself as a liability to you because he was so expensive to look after- both financially and emotionally. He probably noticed that his father was tired and saw that it was a direct result of his circumstances. He noticed that you were stressed and would have known that he had caused some of it. For a while he would have tried to ignore your hurt but eventually would have felt guilty. he would have tried to drown his own guilt in drugs and alcohol. Whether his overdose was planed or not I can tell you this, if he tried to kill himself it was because he thought you were better off without him. And if it was an accident then it happened because he was afraid to face the thought that you're unhappiness was because of him. No undoubtedly you loved your son very much, either wise you would not be so upset, however, he felt that he was to blame for your problems and this is because you gave him no space to dream while he was growing up. you told him that everything revolved around money and hard work and that fun was hard to come by in this world. You may have told him your fears of losing your job and being kick out of your home because of it or your fears of not being able to look after him. because to told him that while he should have been daydreaming and having fun then from a very young age he would have realized that his existence was costing you money. from a very young age he would have felt bad about that fact and as he grew, that thought would have too. after a while he'd believe that he was the source of all your problems and that if he hadn't come along, then you would have been better off. If he killed himself, it would have been because he thought it would make things better for you, because the figured that you would have less stress if he wasn't around, and because he didn't believe that he could fix things with his life.
The Song has nothing to do with his death, as a matter of fact, it probably gave him the hope to live as long as he did. Silhouettes would have helped him to feel like he could do better, but in the end, a song doesn't stop you from making bad choices. his new found hope gave him fear because he didn't feel like he was worthy of living a better life. It was your job to teach him that he was. For what ever reason, you missed your cue though. or perhaps he missed his cue to listen. either way, Your son did not kill himself because of this song. but if you don't forgive yourself and him, you might. Don't work yourself into a frenzy over a song on his ipod. in the end, it doesn't help anybody.

To Cindy | Reviewer: Tony | 5/17/09

In all honesty, this song had nothing to do with your child overdosing. You specified that you let him be whatever he wanted to be. That's the problem, he took that and became what he wanted and look what happens. Life is life. You can be whatever you want, but other things are better than others. Things are harmful which you need to keep away from your son. I am sorry for his death, but you can't blame a song for your son's death.

- Regards to your family

Y is this song awsome? i have the answer! | Reviewer: Jonathan | 9/29/08

personally to me this song is one of the best. true it relates tio my life but it doesnt mean everything relates to my life. yeah the whole beat and the truths to it r like me but my mom doesnt let fear rule her life and my dad is still trying. any way, i was wondering if any of u r any good at making new songs out of old ones let me no at wat i was wondering if u could make one based on interwrite. itsw an education company giving 25000 $ to the winning school. so plz i beg u if u can think of one plz let me no. i need it by 10/25/08.

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