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The story of Silentium goes back into the December 1995 to
the ashes of a death/gothic metal band called Funeral where
Sami Boman (keyboards) and Matti Aikio (at the time,
"vocals") thought what would be after Funeral. Those days
they had lots of time and they played with several band
projects but they wanted to create something more concrete.
They admire greatly MDB's work and thought that violin
sounds great. They wanted to do some music with violin and
so the violin player (Jani Laaksonen) was joined in. The
guitar players (Toni More...

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An amateur's opinion | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Heart Unyielding performed by Silentium

This song is incredibly emotion-inciting... at least for me. The female voice isn't overly extravagant, yet still extremely beautiful and pure, which makes for a song you believe most anyone could perform. The lyrics are slightly bland, but the way the music, song and words complete one another is marvellous.

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