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Sarah Brightman Silent Heart Lyrics

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I sometimes wish my heart could speak and say
What my poor lips can never tell
Of all the beauty God has sent my way
And some that man has made as well.

I wish my heart could whisper my delight
When I behold what I love best;
A rose, a ship, a book, a bird in flight,
Orion riding in the West.

But when I look upon the best of men,
Or hear his voice far up the hill,
Such noisy thoughts sing in my bosom then
I'm glad my heart is silent still.

My heart is silent still.

And all lines are repeated once more

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Silent Heart | Reviewer: Pamela Greve | 6/15/2006

I am trying to find the printed vocal solo with piano asccompaniment for this song to purchase for performance purposes. Can you locate a source that would have a copy for sale? I have the printed lyrics but have so far been unable to find the piano accompaniment in the key that Sarah Brightman sings it in.

Thank you in advance for any useful information you can supply.

Pamela Greve

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