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Cat Stevens Silent Sunlight Lyrics

Last updated: 11/22/2008 10:00:00 AM

Silent sunlight, welcome in
There is work I must now begin
All my dreams have blown away
And the children want to play
They'll soon remember things to do
When the heart is young
And the night is done
And the sky is blue

Morning songbird, sing away
Lend a tune to another day
Bring your wings and choose a roof
Sing a song of love and truth
We'll soon remember if you do
When all things were tall
And our friends were small
And the world was new

Sleepy horses, heave away
Put your backs to the golden hay
Don't ever look behind at the work you've done
For your work has just begun
There'll be the evening in the end
but till that time arrives
You can rest your eyes
And begin again

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Silent Sunlight | Reviewer: Susan Slyfield | 11/21/2008

I LOVE this song! So glad to hear more Cat Stevens (Yusef Islam) music. It is so powerful haunting and beautiful. "Silent Sunlight" sounds a little like an 18th century song for dancing the Minuet. I noticed "Morning has Broken" (p.8 in the Episcopal Hymnal)is a perfect waltz. Some of my older friends thought all of their lives that Cat Stevens wrote it. lol-so much for listening in church. My grandfather was an English subject,guess I paid more attention. I was also glad to hear "Peace Train" on the Nobel Peace Prize Awards on television. I heard it from another room,came running in but only caught half of it and had hoped to catch it again, but it was not replayed where I live. As an American, I am very sorry&embarrassed for the U.S. that Yusef Islam's (aka Cat Stevens) plane was turned back to Britain that time on the no-fly list. Our loss. Some people are so ignorant. What can I say? W...Oops! I better be careful-he's not completely gone yet. Tomorrow will be a new dawn for the U.S. and the world though. And I hope an official apology follows.