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Silent Stream of Godless Elegy Biography

Last updated: 01/23/2003 10:08:15 PM

SILENT STREAM OF GODLESS ELEGY don´t apply "today so fashionable" keyboards, but make do with raw, very gloomy guitar sound woven by violin and violoncello. There´s amazing, monumental combination of depression and mourning with beauty and stateliness. The music in the same way as impressive lyrics full of imagination create almost a certain form of a "positive pain" and grief, where internals hope breaths beneath the deposit of dark feelings and tempers ...

SILENT STREAM OF GODLESS ELEGY were formed in summer 1995, when brothers Michal Hajda - drums and Radek Hajda - guitar, were joined by the rest of the band : Filip Chudy - bass, Petr Stanek - guitar (along with his dark and growly vocal), and violinist Zuzana Zamazalova, whose beautiful violin sometimes sad, sometimes wild, draws the feelings in the same way as other instruments.

In summer 1997 the band spread. Siki, who plays violoncello, became the sixth member of S.S.O.G.E. In spring 1999 came Kiril Chlebnikov, who had played viola at first and then replaced Filip at bass-post...

Another personal change came in summer 2000, when Siki left the band and violinist Pavla Lukasova joined S.S.O.G.E. for a while.

But there's completely new line-up from March 2001 - brothers Michal and Radek Hajda stayed at the band, Siki came back, and there're five new members: Michal Herak (voc, ex-Dissolving Of Prodigy, ex-Ashore Of Decadence), Hanka Nogolova (voc, Forgotten Silence), Petra Novackova (violin, ex-Ashore Of Decadence), Hynek Stancik (guitar) and Dusan Fojtasek (bass).

A month after their founding - in September 1995 - S.S.O.G.E. gave birth to their first demo "Apotheosis" and in July 1996 to the second demo "...Amber Sea", which can be considered as a certain sign of the debut album "Iron". The debut album „Iron“ was released in November 1996 by Leviathan Rec. In April 1998 REDBLACK released the second album of SILENT STREAM OF GODLESS ELEGY called “Behind the Shadows” as-well-as their third album "Themes" in May 2000. Now the band works on the material for the 4th album "RELIC DANCES" which is scheduled for the beginning of the 2003 year.

SILENT STREAM OF GODLESS ELEGY supported Anathema, The Gathering and Cradle Of Filth on their tours in Czechia and Slovakia... The band toured over Austria, Germany and Switzerland, played at many open-airs with the bands like Orphanage (Dutch killers:), Napalm Death, Mercyful Fate, Motörhead, Saxon, Pro-Pain, Blind Guardian, Therion, Clawfinger, In Flames, Within Temptation, Darkside, Night in Gales, Atrocity, Benediction, Nile, Dreams Of Sanity, Sinister, ...