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Queensryche Silent Lucidity Lyrics

Last updated: 03/27/2014 06:27:37 AM

Hush now, don't you cry
Wipe away the teardrop from your eye
You're lying safe in bed
It was all a bad dream
Spinning in your head
Your mind tricked you to feel the pain
Of someone close to you leaving the game of life
So here it is, another chance
Wide awake you face the day
Your dream is over... or has it just begun?

There's a place I like to hide
A doorway that I run through in the night
Relax child, you were there
But only didn't realize and you were scared
It's a place where you will learn
To face your fears, retrace the years
And ride the whims of your mind
Commanding in another world
Suddenly you hear and see
This magic new dimension

I- will be watching over you
I- am gonna help you see it through
I- will protect you in the night
I- am smiling next to you, in Silent Lucidity

-spoken during solo-
[Visualize your dream]
[Record it in the present tense]
[Put it into a permanent form]
[If you persist in your efforts]
[You can achieve dream control]
[Dream control]
[I'll do better than that]
[Dream control]
[Dream control]
[Dream control]
[Dream control]
[Help me]

If you open your mind for me
You won't rely on open eyes to see
The walls you built within
Come tumbling down, and a new world will begin
Living twice at once you learn
You're safe from pain in the dream domain
A soul set free to fly
A round trip journey in your head
Master of illusion, can you realize
Your dream's alive, you can be the guide but...

I- will be watching over you
I- am gonna help to see it through
I- will protect you in the night
I- am smiling next to you....

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Silent Lucidity "A Song With Many Meanings" | Reviewer: Ron | 3/27/14

I have been reading all the different ways that this song has inspired and helped people through various situations. These lyrics can and are interpreted differently to each person according to their circumstances in their lives. It has helped them get through some tough and sorrowful times. To those who say it is about lucid dreams ONLY, than to you that's what it is. I've researched and have not read anything from the song's writer what his take is on the lyrics. To most of what I have read, it is a comfort to them in their individual circumstance and the lyrics have brought peace and comfort to them in their time of need. What I do know's a beautiful song.

Spiritual message | Reviewer: bugeye | 1/5/14

I have collected all my songs into several of my best folders and without question this song rises to the top in every one-it is the best one with real true spiritual meaning for me. I believe that this song has a higher power message for me to take with me each day and be able to share with family-now and later?. What an accomplishment by Queensryche and that I get to listen to this song whenever I need.

The perfect song for me right now. | Reviewer: Kevin | 7/23/12

I'm currently doing home hospice care for my wife. When I need a little help with my inner strength, this is the perfect song. When I have those moments of weakness, I make sure they happen while she's sleeping. But, I'm always there, every day and night. If I can't put the song on, I just play it in my head.

Queensryche did it to perfection. The vocals, the mix of guitar and orchestra in perfect balance...amazing.

Thank-you | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/18/12

Thank-you. I suffer with mental health issues as well as chronic pain. Listening to this most beautiful song is the only time I am not hurting.I have been a Lucid Dreamer all my life, I thought there must be something wrong with me. Thanks for speaking out on the part of life we do not see with these physical eyes. Beautiful.Thank- you everyone!

silent lucidity | Reviewer: christine | 11/13/11

this song has a very special meaning to me. i have dreams that are so realistic that i have a hard time determining if they are real or not. i get the dream control. after all the years of dreaming i have managed to do exactly that. it also has meaning to me about my children, that i will protect them through the night and be there there to see them through. i get it and every word of this wonderful song that speaks to my heart in so many ways. hope more do too.--christine from texas.

Song Meaning | Reviewer: Austin | 7/29/11

I am happy you all find comfort in this song and that it helps you deal with the loss of loved ones but some of you are misunderstanding the lyrics. The song is NOT about the fear of dying or being lonely. Or the fear of life and death. The song is about lucid dreaming. Lucid dreams, you all may know, is where, in your dream, you realize you are dreaming and you can take the situation in your dream and do make it in to any situation you like- that is where dream control comes in. Silent Lucidity is about the art of lucid dreaming.

Grateful To Those Who Shared Their Deep Personal Thoughts | Reviewer: To The Sky (Owl City) | 7/24/11

Hello and Thank You to all of you for sharing your stories. I shared my story about my husband's suicide back in July of 2009, and this is the 1st time I've checked back since I wrote my story. It was so helpful to read all your experiences and to know I'm not alone. I guess the song is letting me know that, too, lol, but somehow it's soothing to have others "get it," because not everybody does. I balled my eyes out reading what I wrote and then reading all your stories of comradery and survival; the key here is survival. Our loved ones who have gone on before us would want us to go on and be happy. Kevin is looking after Juliet and I, just like he did when he was my husband. Lots of times Silent Lucidity will play just when I need it most, and I smile.

I'm happy to report that my daughter and I are doing very well. Through the help of God and counseling, we're building a new life. My hope is that all of us not only survive our trials, but have fun along the way. We only get one shot at this, so we may as well make the best of it:)

Warmly, Jeannie and Juliet

Salvation Song - If there ever was one | Reviewer: David | 5/17/11

This song aired when I was a sophomore in high school. That year, a close friend of mine with a troubled life took his own. The impact was a very emotional one, like having your heart being crushed in a vise and just when there isn't anymore to give, the vise continues to crush through each other. It was my first death experience and a hard one at that. When I first heard the guitar chord, it had the opposite emotional impact and after hearing the lyrics, and the beautifully matched orchestra, life was so much better to deal with at that time. In 1997 when I joined the Navy, the head games was of difficult adjustment and this memorized song played over and over in my head saved my sanity.
It's a very special and rare song that in a strange way calms the mind and soul with its solace elements. Since it first aired in 1990, this salvation song has always been part in my music collection, both at home and on the go. I truly believe this song can help change the evil in mankind. It touches upon two subjects of equal fear - dying in loneliness. And it doesn't matter if its real or dream.

Powerful song | Reviewer: Gary | 4/9/11

This has been an all-powerful song for many many years, I listen to it infrequently but whenever I do it brings tears to my eyes, to this day I'm not quite sure why it has that power over me but it still does... awesome song.... I think I was going through a lot of soul-searching / self discovery when I 1st heard it and it must have touched me somewhere deep in my psyche.

wonderful posts, similar meanings | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/24/11

To those who shared their thoughts and feelings of departed loved ones, I thank you and pray your sorrows find the joy that lyes underneath the disturbing wave. Peace, calm and bliss reside there.
This song has recently had a strong affect on me. It helps me deal with myself in my head regarding a potential end to my long term relationship. In the eventual parting, my thoughts are my dreams, and these lyrics comfort me and hopefully her also when I send them to her.
The words are very impactful, and the song itself performed beautifully, with all the emotion the words depict.
A love lost, whether it be through death or agreed departure has very similar thoughts and feelings for me. To know somehow, in spirit we still care and hold each other with loving energy is very comforting indeed.

A Soldier's point of view | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/23/11

This song has great meaning to me. I have served in the Army for over 20 years and three wars. I have lost people close to me in these wars and fought overseas. I am haunted by the things I've seen and the situations I've been in during my duty. This song came out when I was a young Soldier but I have memorized it and used it to comfort me throughout my career. It brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it. I too share in the night terrors and frequently wake up in a pool of sweat after reliving my past. This song calms my soul and eases my fears.

TO EVERYONE! There is a reason for everything. | Reviewer: Chrissy | 1/11/11

I'm very sad to hear of all of your losses....Heartbreaking to say the least. (Tneve) ... I wanted to add I have also suffered night terrors all of my life .. Glad to hear your son outgrew them ... However I have not as of 32 years old .. This song has powerful meaning behind it anyway you put it. (Visualize your dream]
[Record it in the present tense]
[Put it into a permanent form]
[If you persist in your efforts]
[You can achieve dream control]
Those lyrics are true I have learned over many years to control my dreams (as best I can) Its still scary. And (If you open your mind for me
You won't rely on open eyes to see) Thats my favorite part and rings true to me also .. Ever since I was about 1 1/2 - 2 years old I have also spoke in tounges in my sleep. Ive been able to do that since I was able to speak the English language. I am now a Born again Christian although I never strayed to far from Christianity to begin with I will call myself born again. I just wanted to share also because reading your responces was more moving than the song itself ... Your stories ... Its who you are ... Keep telling them. :)

Silent Lucidity | Reviewer: Andrea | 10/28/10

I love this song and have heard it many times. It's the last song on a CD called "Monster Ballads" which is a most wonderful CD.

I have no doubts that this song was inspired and written from the higher dimensions traveling through time and space to truley help comfort us- as a way of reminding us that those We love who have passed who pass through our minds and dreams often are truley with us silently. It couldn't have been performed by anyone greater than Queensryche and the video to it is just as beautiful. By far- this is one of my favorite songs that grabs your attention and heart and is so it would seem "a message from beyond".

Marisol passing | Reviewer: Diane | 5/31/10

I recently lost a very good sweet friend to cancer. She is in my thoughts often driving home each day from our work place. The melody to this song touched my heart last evening and I felt compelled to look it up today and find the lyrics which are just beautiful.

Mom's Song | Reviewer: Patricia | 5/26/10

The song Silent Lucidity was a hit a while back. Had not heard it in years in fact. Last year, the month my mother passed away, the song kept playing on the radio. It was eerie, but it also helped me grieve. Everytime it played, I began to cry. Still touches my heart when I hear it today. I consider to be mom's song now.