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Idiot Pilot Silent Film Lyrics

Last updated: 07/22/2009 12:00:00 PM

In the back of your minds
We are thinking of a kiss
I am bored again

I'm awake, I was dreaming
In the age of divorce
And I am bored again (x2)

No, No secrete
Worth Keeping
Cease to go, go

After all,
All they want
Is your soul
And some coins
I am bored again (x2)

No secret worth keeping, see

I'll take the quiet life,
A silent film in black and white
And, you'll take another life
That isn't yours

And I'll take the quiet life,
Some cheap noodles and TV dinners,
And you'll take another life that isn't mine

And I'll take the quiet life
Some bargain wine, and painkillers
You'll take another life, of frozen existence.

Is not what I call, call living.

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