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Silent Drive is a band that has risen out of the ashes of
the short-lived Ink Cartridge Funeral. It contains members
of Bane, Massachusetts metal band Dasai, and Burlington,
Vermont outfit Drowningman. Though this seasoned four-piece
has deep roots in the hardcore/metal scene, it is branching
out far beyond the constraints of any genre. The musical
history of the four players is long in the making. All four
members have been playing on stage and writing behind the
scenes for close to ten years.

The recipe is a strict one: anything More...

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Reviews about Silent Drive songs

question | Reviewer: rack
    ------ About the song 4/16 performed by Silent Drive

my first comment on this page but it's one for a very good one and life song.
like, if u lose a friend for real, nothing will help to gez him back.
ahhhhhhhhhhhh i effin love this song.
even if it's not in my ''genre''. Hah to genres of music.
Anyway, my question is about the tittle. is it like a date or ...?
sd r great anyway :)

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