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THERE ARE many things in life that can leave you out of
breath, some more enjoyable than others. SikTh's first two
EPs, "Let The Transmitting Begin"' (Infernal) and "How May
I Help You?' (Unparalleled Carousel/Gut), can now be added
to that list.

"Energy has always inspired us," says guitarist Dan Weller,
"things that really get you pumping. We play extreme music,
sure, but in the sense that we go to all extremes. If
something sounds good, then we'll do it, and that includes
beautiful, melodic music, which we all love, too"

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Reviews about Sikth songs

Bland Street Bloom review by Rusty | Reviewer: Jason Webb
    ------ About the song Bland Street Bloom performed by Sikth

THE best song in the world, Bland Street Bloom by the best metal band in the world, SikTh. The guitarists in this song are sick! The finger-tapping in the choruses is immense, and the breakdown at the end, fuckin awesome.
Other great SikTh songs include Another Sinking Ship, Hold My Finger, How May I Help You?, Such The Fool and In This Light, you MUST listen, if you are a proper metal fan.

10 out of fuckin 10 | Reviewer: sarah
    ------ About the song Such The Fool performed by Sikth

i'm bored, but doesn't everyone know some ho like this? now theres a song that you can scream and scream too when that filthy scrag fucks your boyfriend....sorry i have issues. Plus it has a killler's sikth, how could it not!?

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