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Eleven saintly shrouded men
Silhouettes stand against the sky
One in front with a cross held high
Come to wash my sins away

Standing alone in the wind and rain
Feeling the fear that is growing
Sensing the change in the tide again
Caught by the storm that is brewing
Feel the anxiety hold off the fear
Some of the doubt in the things you believe
Now that your faith will be put to the test
Nothing to do but await what is coming

Why then is god still protecting me
Even when I don't deserve it
Though I am blessed with an inner strength
Some they would call it a penance
Why am I meant to face this alone
Asking the question time and again
Praying to God won't keep me alive
Inside my head feel the fear start to rise...

They'll be saying their prayers
when the moment comes
There'll be penance to pay when it's judgement day
And the guilty'll bleed when the moment comes
They'll be coming to claim,
take your soul away

The sign of the cross
The name of the rose...
a fire in the sky
The sign of the cross

They'll be coming to bring the eternal flame
They'll be bringing us all immortality
Holding communion so the world be blessed
My creator my God'll lay my soul to rest


Lost the love of heaven above
Chose the lust of the earth below
Eleven saintly shrouded men
Came to wash my sins away

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I don't know | Reviewer: sweet | 6/19/13

I might misunderstand all he comments , but to my view, it states of clear truth that religion was forced unto men, by these saints , or, like the medieval times , war was conducted by the hand of god ; "u either follow, or die"

my take on the lyrics | Reviewer: David | 1/13/13

what comes to mind when listening to this song is, as some have previously mentioned, is a man seeking penance for his sins. However, I believe that it is more like a crusader seeing the pain his inflicts upon the world "in the name of god" which is really in the name of the Church. What makes me say this is things like "the name of the Rose", which is a true story about a library in Spain I believe that was burned down by the librarian because he believed the books to be the work of satan. these books were the last authentic copies of works of Aristotle, Plato, and the like. Apparently it rivaled in quality that of the Library of Alexandria. In terms of the "eleven saintly shrouded men", in esoteric teaching the body is divided into twelve parts, with the crown of the head being the bodies equivalent of heaven (you could call hell the lower parts of the body, that is only living by lower desires, such as lust, greed, hate). Therefore, I think this is saying that the church is living in the lower half of the brain, which perpetuates the lesser desires, hence why there are eleven saintly men, instead of twelve. just throwing my two cents in. One of my favorite Iron Maiden songs.

I <3 MAIDEN AND JESUS. | Reviewer: Martin | 11/4/12

Why would anyone wana waste their time listening to Lady Gaga etc when they can hear the wise words of Iron Maiden.

This tune is another sublime example of the Beauty of Iron Maiden's music.

Iron Maiden/Christianity | Reviewer: James | 11/2/12

I've read many of the comments on here and I've decided to throw in my 2 cents. Iron maiden is not satanic nor are many other heavy metal bands of course there are some that are. Iron maiden just happens to be on of the greatest if not the greatest metal band of all time. Over 30 years later they can sell out any arena within minutes

Up the irons!!!!!

Great song!! | Reviewer: Katana | 9/22/12

Really great song!! Didn't like it when I first listened to it some 6 years ago. Listened to it again yesterday and just realised how awesome this song actually was. And from the comments below, it seems that this song is about the Spanish Inquisition (a truly horrible period in history).

And also ONE Christian retard here seems to think that Maiden is satanic. Not surprising since Christian doctrine, to be perfectly honest, is extremely repugnant and disgusting (especially for a South Asian like me who grew up in a culture dominated by Hinduism and Buddhism). In the past, Christians seem to have been very suspicious of anyone who didn't believe like they did. Hence the witch hunts, the burning of heretics, the Inquisitions and Satanic accusations. The very idea that those who do not accept Jesus will burn in hell for all eternity, no matter how good they are, is a loathsome doctrine worth puking at. No wonder the song talks about the Inquisitors confronting the narrator to "clean his sins" (perhaps it refers to the narrator's heresies or thoughtcrimes).

And to the retard who thinks that modern atheists are more dogmatic than religious nuts: atheists aren't the ones opposing the rights of women, LGBT people or religious minorities. They aren't burning embassies and killing innocent people just because some people insulted their beliefs. They aren't the ones discriminating on the basis of the Caste System, as happens in my country and (far more seriously) in India. It's the religious conservatives who do all these stuffs. Listen to Maiden's Montsegur from their Dance of Death album. A good description of religious violence and bigotry (plus an AWESOME song!!).
And yes, religion inspired some of the most beautiful art and architecture. But that doesn't mitigate all the enormous harm it has done throughout history and is still doing today. And besides, there is NO good that religion can inspire which secular sources cannot. So get your facts straight before jumping in the "Atheists are so dogmatic herp derp durrr..." bandwagon.

Religion, etc. | Reviewer: Byff | 5/2/12

The bickering is silly, folks. Iron Maiden is very far from a Satanic band. It's as stupid to assume that heavy metal is automatically Satanic as it is to assume that of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring. Not everything is involved in the Heaven / Hell dichotomy. Music is music. It's something we all enjoy, and we all have different tastes. Heavy metal appeals to a segment of the population. And that segment includes myself.

I was raised Roman Catholic but became agnostic at around age 20. I was a metal fan for years before that, but music had nothing to do with my losing my faith. It was more a matter of Christian dogma, taken literally, being completely at odds with reality. Since that age, I have begun studying religion in earnest, in the mode of Karl Jung and Joseph Campbell. I see religion as one of the essential pillars of civilization, and one of the most important aspects of civilization's pacifying influence on Man.

Those of you who regard religious people as idiots are just as stupid as those of you who regard heavy metal music as Satanic. Bigotry is bigotry, and I've seen FAR more bigotry from so-called "enlightened" atheists, progressives and liberals than from religious conservatives. Everybody involved would do well to become acquainted with evolutionary psychology, starting with the Amity / Enmity Complex.

Civilization cannot have come about in the absence of religion, which imposes a strong normalizing, socializing influence on people. And as modern liberalism continues to undermine religion and tradition, we can see how many of the problems civilization solved millennia ago are now resurfacing, a result of the destruction of the civil institutions that solved those problems as civilization's population pressure brought them into being.

Whether or not any gods exist, it is fairly clear that the tendency to be religious is an aspect of our evolutionary history. Those who believe are not brainwashed, or ignorant, or missing anything from their psyche; they are the NORM. The vast majority of people on this planet have some kind of religious belief.

It's my personal belief that all religions have *some* validity, by virtue of being expressions of the Collective Unconscious. In order to discover the true meaning, we have to be willing to dig beneath the dogma, to discover the symbols and archetypes thus exposed. There is a great deal of commonality between all religions there.

Creative activity, such as songwriting, also derives from the subconscious. I believe there is a connection between creativity and mysticism, a connection which is to be found in all the great cathedrals, all the religious hymns, the gospel music, the cave paintings at Lascaux and elsewhere. Iron Maiden is one band which is very in touch with the mystical elements of the subconscious.

The music doesn't exhort people to do evil or follow Satan. It provides warnings about those who do, and it exhorts people to be good and to treat each other properly. How the HELL could a virtual restatement of Christ's own philosophy be Satanic?

Get a grip. Iron Maiden wrote an entire album about resisting evil (Seventh Son of a Seventh Son). Black Sabbath before them wrote many songs of a Christian nature (Symptom of the Universe, Hole in the Sky, After Forever). It's not a preoccupation with Hell that drives the metal spirit; it's a preoccupation with spiritual existence, with the paranormal, with the fundamental statement of faith common to all religions: THIS IS NOT ALL THAT WE ARE.

FTW!! | Reviewer: ani | 4/30/12

why the hell you guys are racist.! cant u jus c how owsme song it is??? FTW.!! i dnt know why the hell u gys brgnin in christanity and all.! we are no christians we are no any other religion.!! WE ARE HUMANS..!

Christianity and Maiden | Reviewer: Tyler | 11/5/11

I am a Christian who fully believes that Jesus was the Son of God sent to save us, and I have no problem with Iron Maiden, I think they are a phenomenal metal band, with songs that are just meant to be good music. For anyone that thinks they are satanic, they have stated many times that they are not, and Nikko McBrain is a born again Christian. Also, for those who are bashing Christians here, I don't appreciate that either, because Christians are human just like everyone else, and that means that we sin, and say and do things we shouldn't. That still doesn't give you the right to disrespect my beliefs.

if any of u actually knew what u were talking about... | Reviewer: ironmaidenrox | 9/12/11

u would know that iron maiden is not satanic, christianity has nothing against metal and rock, and science and christianity are NOT conflicting. do ur research for pity's sake! just because some christian people don't like iron maiden, doesn't mean to be christian is to be anti-iron maiden. similarly, just because some atheists like iron maiden doesn't mean that iron maiden is anti-God or satanic. please, evolution and religion do not cross one or the other out, if understood correctly, one would find that they actually are compatible, sound beliefs, that creationism does not condemn (true creationism, anyhow). Iron Maiden rocks. I love Jesus. I am a Roman Catholic. I am very sorry to hear that most of u have had an experience which has formed these false ideas in ur heads. do ur own, unbiased research, use solid logic, and u will find the truth. and stop being so immature.

Good ol' Iron Maiden | Reviewer: cc | 9/3/11

I've been a fan of Iron Maiden since I was a kid. Funny, I was raised as an atheist by my parents and turned to Christianity myself later.

Similarly, Iron Maiden in my opinion, are in some ways a pre-Christian band, questioning rather fundamental issues about life rather freely. That's always been a rather exciting one.

Additionally, those sad people who call Christians 'stupid', good luck to you in finding true meaning in life using speculative mathematical models of observed repeatable behaviour (ie. science).

perverts 'em straight to hell | Reviewer: todd r | 8/21/11

thanx for the laffs. met a traveling street preacher one day at USF badgering students in front of the philosophy bldg. the subj of " devil music, Ion (LOL) Maiden in particular" arose and I quote, "Yeah, that 'old stuff' (referring to the 1st few albums). It perverts 'em straight to hell."

Religion | Reviewer: Jag | 7/5/11

"Please read this and take notice of what I have to say, I have been around for a while listening to different Rock Bands and listening to their songs and their lyrics all my life. I am a Christian ... "
After that i stopped reading. Confessing to be christian is like saying "im living in the middle age and i have stopped evolving". I can't get my head around people saying to be religious... im guessing they dropped after first grade and started to living in the bush.
So the talk about being satanic isn't worth discussing... SINCE THERE IS NO GOD OR SATAN !
Grove up for f sake.

kek | Reviewer: vepar | 4/4/11

"Tell me what you can see, and then tell me what you hear. Everybody has a different way to view the world. i would like you to know, when you see the different things. to appreciate this life, its not too late to learn"
there you, satanic lyrics from the song different world....

now, all who claim maiden to be satanic should go die in a fire

My thoughts | Reviewer: Nick | 3/11/11

This is my thoughts on the song as a christian. The song is simply a first person viewpoint of someone who has obviously done somthing wrong and doesnt think that he deserves forgivness for what he has done. This being said, he can not forgive himself and he turns to Satan. Since he turns to satan, in the end it sais that eleven men came to take my soul away. This I belive is men taking him to hell for his past deeds, and unableness to repent. I do NOT feel this song is satanic, it is only a first person viewpoint of someone.

Sign of the Cross | Reviewer: Jaco | 3/6/11

Jesus died for us all on the cross but He also gave us a free will - so whether we except it is up to us. Remeber how u judge others and call them satanists so you shall be judged one day. Peace out!

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