Sick Puppies Lyrics

Shimon Moore – vocals, guitar
Emma Anzai – bass
Mark Goodwin – drums

Even if you don’t know Sydney, Australia modern rock trio
Sick Puppies, you’ve probably seen their groundbreaking
“Free Hugs,” video, which has garnered more than 11 million
views on since it started streaming on the site
last year. The heartwarming clip chronicles the true life
adventures of a man who walks around holding a billboard
that reads “Free Hugs," the police who ban his humanitarian
crusade, and the petition that earned him back the right to More...

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Review about Sick Puppies songs
Your Going Down | Reviewer: Jarrod
    ------ About the song You're Going Down performed by Sick Puppies

This song is awsome. I watched it with a halo video and was cool. The beginning of the video is different but then it goes to the song and the scene. I watch over and over because it never gets old.

Something Strange | Reviewer: Maxine
    ------ About the song All The Same performed by Sick Puppies

Every thing about the song confuses me. I don't know where the puppy comes in or who the puppy is. But for the most of it, it snounds like a mom and a teenager who just bickering about running away.

Gorgeous | Reviewer: Kamie
    ------ About the song All The Same performed by Sick Puppies

With my cousin being Emma Anzai (female bassist) I believe in Sick Puppies alot. This song sends a beautiful message out to everyone, and shows the true meaning of trying to fit into this world. It's a gorgeous song, from a gorgeous and extremely under-rated band. Love you Sick Puppies <3

Brings out deep emotions in me... | Reviewer: Jen
    ------ About the song White Balloons performed by Sick Puppies

In a strange way, this song gives me a deep sense of peace... I can't explain it. It also strikes an unknown chord of sadness. It's just awe-inspiring.

"The changes in me
Are likely to be like the weather
Stormy and clear, strength into fear, bound together..."

LEGENDARY. | Reviewer: Lisa
    ------ About the song You're Going Down performed by Sick Puppies

This song is amazing, and the music video is even better... If you haven't seen it, go see it. It's actually really adorable. Anyways, this song is really unique, how they have the dangerous mumbling in the verses, and then the angry screaming in the chorus.

Plus, I forgot to mention: Emma Anzai is my IDOL. She is awesome. She is why I play the bass.

Chorus Over Verse: Less is More | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song You're Going Down performed by Sick Puppies

A very tense build-up for the verses, but the chorus is where this song stands out, being rousing and resolute in its strong chords and vocals. Compare the chorus's 6 lines (AB-CD-EF-CD) to the long, indistinct mutterings of the verses - it really shows that less is more.

& I still "hate" him | Reviewer: sc_sierra
    ------ About the song I Hate You performed by Sick Puppies

I now have an amazing man in my life and could not be any happier, but when I hear this song (and I do love this song, and the entire album)- I cannot help thinking about that one ex in my life who had my emotions tied in knots for the longest time.

Amazing. | Reviewer: John
    ------ About the song Anywhere But Here performed by Sick Puppies

The concept for this song is incredible. According to Shimon, the song is about a man who just lost his true love to death. He realizes he is completely lost without her, and plots to hang himself over a bridge. Looking into the water, he sees her reflection, and hears her voice (Emma's voice towards the end of the song), which persuades him to go through with the suicide...reuniting him with his lover. Effing awesome

my girlfriend all over | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song In It For Life performed by Sick Puppies

This song is just like me and my girlfriend, she wont commit properly after a year, birthdays im not included, didnt even bother with our anniversary, this song explains just how I feel i guess. Should walk away.

Why "It's all the same" is on free hugs | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song All The Same performed by Sick Puppies

Juan Mann is actually a friend of the band, and when his grandmother died he was so sad that sick puppies wrote this song for him. After Juan made the FREE HUGS campaign, the song became the international song for it.

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