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Sia Kate Isobelle Furler, to use the name her musician
parents gave her, already has a staggering track record. If
her name itself-pronounced 'See-ah' isn't familiar to
millions, her voice undoubtedly is.

In 2000, the Adelaide born singer scored a bolt from the
blue Top 10 hit with her debut single, Taken For Granted.
Pairing her unique Australian drawl with the strident
strings from Prokofiev's 'Romeo & Juliet', the track was
championed by Trevor Nelson and had Sia performing live on
Jo Whiley's Radio 1 show. Her debut album, More...

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Review about Sia songs
I am falling in love ..i brust and cry lyk a little girl every time i hear this song literally hope its ok everyone reacts differently so do i | Reviewer: Ankush
    ------ About the song Breathe Me performed by Sia

I was watching Cristian and oliver love story its a German soap of two guy fall in love with each other this is how i came to know abt the song in one of the episode , i am 26 from India , I know how homophobic people are here , i am so confused and lost , i have no one to connect with or share things per say .I know normally people don't care what i am saying ,but i am glad i can write these things atleast it let my self release a bit .
Anyways Ciao , stay healty , stay blessed
Greetings from India

My story | Reviewer: Kelly
    ------ About the song Breathe Me performed by Sia

Back when I was depressed, had an eating disorder and self harmed, I used to listen to this song everyday. And I'd burst into tears every single time, because it described exactly how I felt. I needed someone to hold me so bad. I felt so cold and I needed somebody to warm me up. I needed someone to pick me up everytime I was in pain. But nobody was ever there. I felt lonely and lost and like I was never going to be saved. Now I am. I'm still sometimes falling into old habits but I'm healty, happy and not alone anymore. But still this song means so much to me. Only it doesn't make me cry anymore. I makes me smile. When I hear it, I close my eyes and think about all the pain that I felt back then. And then I realise what a lucky girl I am. How incredibly thankful I should be for everything and everyone in my life. I think this will be my song forever. And I hope it does the same for other people like me.

don't ever give up | Reviewer: shadowwalker2077
    ------ About the song Breathe Me performed by Sia

we've all heard it so many times - "don't ever give up".

we all have our stories, some so similar, but all with the same result that we think via their lyrics an artist can relate to our pain. we all just want *someone* to hear our screams; we just don't know the language to speak.

i somehow managed to survive 54 years with our kind of pain. pain from being psychologically abused as a child and teenager; pain from thinking that no one actually cared about me.

pain from those same abusive parents into my adulthood; pain trying to continually prove my worth to my father, finally even turning the tables, showing him I was so much more intelligent than him, showing my mother that *I* was the caring son they needed unlike my useless older sister.

pain after their deaths, but not quite a feeling of freedom.

then an epiphany - that I did indeed have worth. it wasn't through "friends" or anyone, it just came to me that I WAS WORTH SOMETHING.

Call it what you will, whatever your religious beliefs, I will not press mine here, but know that wherever you are, no matter the situation, there is something greater than us all, and be at Peace with that knowledge.

divine | Reviewer: windoflove
    ------ About the song Breathe Me performed by Sia

there comes a time when u have nobdy to stand bt urself , u have to keep tellng urslf its ok dnt gv u lets gt up , lets pull urslf to tallest stand nd still nt loose ground , nd theres a time despite u fail and a wind of finishd soul surrounds u nd then u realise its nw to make it or nvr , b it sia nd whoever musician is , ths song has divine way that collects me when m shatterd nd let mslf gv a new chance to me

Answer to Michelle (the comment below) | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Breathe Me performed by Sia

I agree with you...but everyone has different opinions, so don't say that this is right.This is right for you.Some other can say it's wrong and might see it from the other hand of the subject.

Sia breathe me | Reviewer: Michelle
    ------ About the song Breathe Me performed by Sia

I think it's a very great song to go with Suicide except Suicide shoudlnt be happening no-one I mean no-one deserves to fuckin die! ok! I admit it! I'm a jerk! I'm a fucking bitch! but I wud never tell sum1 to go kill theirself! go fucking die! never in my lifetime wud I say that 2 sum1! who cares if this one flash this ones boyfriend sended a nude or whatever u do! still u deserve to still fucking die?! well no u do not u shud know that pass this message around to everyone and dont disagree cos this is right!

Heart warming | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Breathe Me performed by Sia

I know what pain is.. its dark and lonely. You feel as if you were alone you'd feel better so that you wont hurt anyone. And maybe just more personal about it. This song make me feel like im not the only one suggling for hope and help. I can truly relate. Great song

Yes, this is a masterpiece... | Reviewer: Dave
    ------ About the song Breathe Me performed by Sia

... musically and lyrically. And why in heavens name do some of you think it's about giving up smoking? Are you having us on? This is intense stuff and has nothing to do with mundane crap like smoking.

Music sets you free | Reviewer: Kirsten
    ------ About the song Breathe Me performed by Sia

I'm not going to tell my life story or anything but I know saddness, as does everyone else. Everyone has a challenge to go through, some can't overcome theirs. This song is about harming yourself because you lose yourself due to others causing you emotionally and/or physical pain. The song isn't about smoking, but if you think it is than you think that; I'm not going to argue with you about it. The song is about pain, and it sets me free. It feels like someone else can relate to me on a level that words can't. Lyrics are like medicine, not words. They mean so much more if you put meaning into them, and that's what Sia did with this song. This song can set me free and release my pain even if it's just for a while. It's sort of soothing. This song is a masterpiece.

soon will be found | Reviewer: debby
    ------ About the song Soon We'll Be Found performed by Sia

This song fits so well with a korean tv drama i just watched recently, it's called 'a thousand affections'
it is meaning is just perfect, it would have done great for theme song in it.

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