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The rapper called Shyne is also known as 21 year-old Jamal Barrow of Brooklyn, New York. Born to the Prime Minister of Belize (Dean Barrow), Shyne has denied acknowlodging him as his father. He has good reason too being that his father has publicly stated that Shyne was "unwanted". Not much is known of his mother.

Shyne's childhood was a fairly rough one, as he grew up stealing & hustling the streets (as told in numerous interviews). At the age of 16, he had found the colorful world of hip-hop.

In 1998, while Shyne was freestyling in a barbershop, one of hip-hop's most respected producers, Clark Kent noticed something very weird in Shyne's voice. He sounded eerily similar to the late, great Notorious BIG. At the time, Clark Kent was working on the "Born Again" posthumous album from Biggie.

He quickly took Shyne to the Bad Boy studios where Puffy signed him on the spot. Reports indicate that Shyne received millions of dollars, 3 cars of his choice, & two homes just for signing. The contract also featured more money, & a 5-album deal. This event caused a small media shockwave that had Newsweek stunned.

Not soon after, Shyne was making his appearances on fellow bad boy's hits. He was featured on a remix of Total's "Sittin At Home" track and on Mase's second album "Doube Up" on the track entitled "From Scratch". In the same year he was featured on Diddy's Forever album (Reverse) as well as on a remix of P.E. 2000.

The streets already started talking about his similarites in voice to the late, and in some people's views the greatest rapper ever, Notorious B.I.G. People were saying he was copying his style. This also started a beef between Shyne and Biggie's entourage Junior M.A.F.I.A. and Lil Kim dissed Shyne on her track from her "Hardcore" Album.

Then on December 27, 1999, Shyne, along with Combs and his girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez, allegedly was involved in a high-profile incident at a Manhattan club which left three people injured and the 19-year-old rapper, whose debut album was pending release, facing charges of attempted murder, assault, and reckless endangerment.

This lead to rumours about Shyne's position at Bad Boy records and doubts about whether his debut album was ever going to be released.

Shyne managed to release his self-titled debut album in September 2000. Featuring very little guest appearances (Barrington Levy and 112's Slim the only two) Shyne held the album together well by himself along with excellent production from The Hitmen. The album was a huge hit on the streets and this seemed a good start of a promising career for the rapper. But there was always that trial date looming and the future was uncertain.

On July 2001 Shyne was sentenced to 10 years in prison. This seems the end of his rap career but an appeal his being arranged to shorten the sentence. Rumours suggest he has severed all ties with Bad Boy Records, although his second album entitled "Dear America" is reported to be released sometime next year on Bad Boy records. Guests on this album will include Jadakiss, M.O.P. and Prodigy.

Hopefully the appeal is successful and Shyne can continue where he left off to fulfill his talents.

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don't blame diddy | Reviewer: 4 life | 7/6/13

people always dissing management when artist get out of line. shyne should had known better 2 be scrap when u are with a mogual and a diva. u and i don't know a thing about that nite. we the fans don't know so shut the hell up on this decade shit focus on the real world we live in. u not gettin paid 4 comments they are. diddy is jus protectin himself and his family. so haters leave
diddy alone he is #1 richest people with forbes.



people loves u | Reviewer: prince | 6/4/11

Shyne, i wish you can read this, do whatever you do but think twice because you got alot of fans and people loves you they do not expecting nothing from you but to you to let people know that you are shyne and you will always shine and stune hard. Focuse to last long.

jamal barrow | Reviewer: ayomide jones | 4/7/11

hey dude am jones from lagos nigeria.i was so happy and real sounds pretty to me the i day learn shyne was released from the prison...shyne was merely a greatst rapper i have seen presently amoung the fellow rappers out there since his first album....he has a voice similar to the kind of rhymes which everyone 'biggie'perhaps if shyne cld keep on and stay out from hurt water and turn a cool shoulder to the trash of people out thr definatly u bcome the world greatest...And Please i will like to have his old album release there americans full tracks...I luv ur style jamal

Bad Rap | Reviewer: Ann Clark | 5/5/10

I think you got a bad rap messing with puffy. Everybody around him seems to almost go down, go down or die. Man I hope you get back on top where you belong. I hope you come back to the Hardy Cafe. Come out this Sat May 8th and ask for Ann. If not come on May 15th I want to see you perform. Morris told me all about you. ur fan!!!!

Shyne Best street rapper ever | Reviewer: Delamoore | 3/15/10

Shyne i like how u do ur thing, u have a voice like biggie he was my favorite now it u i like the song title bad boy featuring my fellow jamaican singer Barrinton levy that shit is great.i like the fact that u never allow the system to break u for that u earn my highest respect u r a man.


I've been listening to shyne's songs probably since he started rapping.For me he's great,everybody has an inspiration.Legends like Biggie,Pac are there to be immitated.Whoever hates shyne for rhythming like BIG is an asshole who doesn't know the game.Shine on SHYNE,Good luck,i'll be happy to hear ya songs again.

His release | Reviewer: LiLTwinPac | 1/2/10

I mean shyne is a talented and hit rapper he did his shit and served his time, although he know and we know he can never be notorious B.I.G he just got a similar swagg so let him do him. He's my favorite rapper and for him to still do his shit with the time he was about to serve i give him his respect and so should the people thats hating on him, lets see if you can do the same if you were in that situation some can most cant so welcome home shyne im lookin forward for some new albums!!!

there's alot of people hating on shyne | Reviewer: 50 | 10/5/09

shyne is one of the best rapper there was including biggie smalls and of now p-diddy should b holding him down till he come out...but everything happens 4 a reason,i could tell you this when shyne do come out there gone be problem with shyne and p-diddy..fcuk pdiddy any way..shynes the man...dear america

review for shyne | Reviewer: JP | 3/27/09

Shyne is a great artist and I would sort of compare him with biggie even though there can only be one biggie. With out a doubt shyne should be freed and continue doing his thing rapping, he has great songs and till this date i continue listening to his music. FREE Shyne.

twins mama | Reviewer: ede | 11/10/08

I hope Shyne is released early because he is a great rapper. He has a unique voice and he cant help who he sounds like. I hope that this experience with diddy taught him not to help out selfish,cold hearted, struggling with their sexuality-ass niggas.

need more rapper like shyne | Reviewer: Heather | 7/8/08

people in Amarica should understand once ur fucking dirty,u cant change thats who puffy is as he would call him self diddy,ur day is comming see jennifer leave him ,next to leave will be his children,then his life will start to go down the drain the money dont dont make the man,onle his good deeds and puffy has notting good in him, puffy u are wack'shit'scum'like a bumm hole'battie hole rapper

shyne | Reviewer: ASIA | 6/28/08

i would like to get his address to contact him and let him know life is not over it just begin. They need to put more articles about syhne in the black & white magazine just because hes lockup he sould not be fogotten. p diddy & jennifer lopez should be holding him down he was both of there scape goat.

dis da nigga right here | Reviewer: maxamis | 4/9/08

shyne motha fukn po gangsta mutha fucka n hope u get out soon n tear da streets wit ur shit ma nigga gota b on top of things again n get thangs popin g we no how u do it keep tha music niga dis shits off the hook all ur songs g u kno how to get big tings popin ma nigga fuck p.diddy that mutha fukin bitch can suck my nuts that petty ass muther fuckn bitch

Still Real | Reviewer: Duck | 3/13/08

Shyne is a real down a** dude. He is street, he is hard, and he keeps it real. Many people don't like Shyne because he speaks his mind and don't hold nothing back. He is and always will be my number one fave. Keep yo head up Shyne, you'll be walking soon.

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