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Muse Shrinking Universe Lyrics

Last updated: 07/16/2014 04:58:30 PM

Cast your ideals on to me
And I'll show you what you really need
Give too much attention
And I'll reflect your imperfections

Can't you see it's over
Because you're the God of a shrinking universe

Purposeless survival
Now there's nothing left to die for
So don't struggle to recognize
Now the cruelly heart-felt suicide

Can't you see it's over
Because you're the God of a shrinking universe

Yahhhhhh oooh ooooh

Can't you see it's over
Because you're the God of a shrinking universe

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My favourite | Reviewer: Maria | 7/16/14

I find this particular song brilliant - I can listen to it over and over and over. The melogy is uniques it it captures sandness of universe so well. This is literally my favourite song not only by Muse but of all modern music, absolutely amazing!

Lyrics | Reviewer: Sapphy | 4/6/13

They are actually wrong... It's not "cast your eye tears on to me", which is distinguishable when you listen to the song or look at theogficial lyrics. It's "ideals". That changes the meaning a bit- in the general direction of "someone has deluded himself into thinking his world is perfect, but this illusion is getting destroyed"

Enough is said by the lyrics... | Reviewer: MuSe | 5/4/12

The thing about "Because you're the god of a shrinking universe". Its because there is a person in your life,that you just love to much and can't let go...even though it makes you forget about the people around you...or the whole world. It makes you live in the unreal world,beyond the universe...

Wow | Reviewer: muzar | 11/14/11

I think this song is about a person is suffering in a situation..The person want to continue struggling but he knew he cant do anything more,(can't you see it's over)but he still try to stand the suffering..Then the singer come to the person, he say, "if u ask me for help, i'll lend my hand.." is like "Cast your eye tears on to me..And I'll show you what you really need"..
"Give too much attention, and i'll reflect your imperfections.." is mean, people are not perfect, people cant do everything he want..
That what i think..But i still not get what is the meaning, "because you are god of a shrinking universe.."

Awesome! | Reviewer: JustAFan | 5/6/09

First heard it in the trailer for 28 Weeks Later, went out to saw the movie and hell... I LOVED it.

I would recommend both 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later.

Before I get too off topic, Muse is a GREAT band :D. Go go Muse!

LOVE | Reviewer: chrissy | 11/9/07

i am a huge fan of MUSE and when i saw the preview of 28 weeks Later and heard Matt's voice i was soo excited.

That was the perfect song for that movie and even though it didn't make it on the actual movie It still made me go see it. :)

hear map of the problematique | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/16/07

comes out on the preview for children of men. the perfect song to showcase! (apocalyptic theme) I mean, c'mon the album's named "black holes and revelations" the four horsemen? is it not clear enough?

YEAH | Reviewer: Some Guy... | 10/8/07

i like the voice of this guy, although i never understand his lyrics. I like to think it is like another instrument instead of a "lyric producing voice" I LOVE THIS GUYS

Recontra bacan!! (cool!!!) | Reviewer: Cesar | 10/8/07

The first time I heard this song I fell in love with it jajaja Very good song for a great movie like 28 weeks later Awesome!!

AWESOME! | Reviewer: Ashlyn Randolph | 10/9/07

Found out about Muse from a 28 Weeks Later preview...awesomeness! The song suits 28 weeks later, like survival and shrinking universes...anyways.

WHOOP | Reviewer: yo | 9/5/07

What a great song. First time I heard it was the 28 weeks later preview, so I found out what it was called and got it. Muse is a good band. A bit deppressing, but hey, what the hell.

Simply Amazing. | Reviewer: Jinna | 7/21/07

Matthew bellamy is a one of a kind composer/singer. His voice is absolutely outstanding...and I love the way he implies athiestism into all his songs...all his songs contain his own thoughts and feelings..I love it.

simply amazing | Reviewer: [INF3CT] | 7/5/07

always loved this song, hearing it on the bigscreen attached to 28 week's preview brought tears to my eyes. the song was too perfect for that preview.

Ermm... | Reviewer: Rosa Marden | 7/3/07

Just a fucking brilliant song, like all of theirs, showcases Matthew Bellamy's genius lyrics about apocolypses and the like and also his vocal skills.
Pure class.

Muse! | Reviewer: Brian | 6/17/07

This is an amazing song of theirs; however, their repertoire contains many other amazing tunes.

Also, much of their work has an Apocalypse theme.