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Taylor Swift Should've Said No Lyrics

Last updated: 02/28/2013 04:21:48 AM

It's strange to think the songs we used to sing
The smiles, the flowers, everything is gone
Yesterday I found out about you
Even now just looking at you: feels wrong
You say that you'd take it all back, given one chance
It was a moment of weakness and you said, "Yes"

You should've said, "No", you should've gone home
You should've thought twice 'fore you let it all go
You should've know that word, with what you did with her
Get back to me... (get back to me)
And I should've been there, in the back of your mind
I shouldn't be asking myself, "Why?"
You shouldn't be begging for forgiveness at my feet...
You should've said no, baby, and you might still have me

You can see that I've been crying
Baby you know all the right things to say
But do you honestly expect me to believe
We could ever be the same?
You say that the past is the past, you need one chance
It was a moment of weakness and you said, "Yes"

[Repeat Chorus]

I can't resist
Before you go tell me this:
Was it worth it?
Was she worth this?

No... no, no, no...

[Repeat Chorus]

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I know how that situataion feels | Reviewer: allison | 9/14/12

my now ex bf chrrted on my with a girl named taylor but not taylor allison swift yah in his wiledest dreams niall rowley can just be that way anyway feel bad 4 skyler his gf that hes cheeting on poor skyler now i love someone else h.s.

Love this song! | Reviewer: Kathryn | 11/28/10

This kid I really liked and talked to, went behind my back with my best friend not once but many times and I finally found out because he told me what happened once she started telling me about other girls he hooked up with...It was probably one of the worst things that happened to me....This song describes how I feel...I am no longer friends with that girl but I talk to him once in a while..its hard to let it all go

perfectly suited | Reviewer: ? | 6/6/10

My friend's boy friend recently cheated on her,so at hus birthday party during kareoke I got my friend to get up and sing this song and she ROCKED IT!So thanks Taylor the look on his face wwas worth a million bucks!

omg | Reviewer: lexie | 3/21/08

this is what happen to me. this guy i was datting was going out with my bestfriend. and she was a tollty witch. and i guss we hated each other and i never new that. and he was and eww head. we went out for about 78 years. and when i finded out i spilled 67pounds of pop on them. and they where sticky for about 2 weeks. and theyed smelled for about 3 . and now we r bac toghter and i am doing the same thing he is done to me. ahahhah taylor thats what you should of done. welll u can still do it. by the way great song. love ya!!!

Oh hey! | Reviewer: Sarah | 3/7/08

Yes, this guy I dated cheated on me with my good friend. He didn't tell me anything, I had to find out for myself. Then, he completely denyed it and started getting mad. Later that night, he finally admitted to me that he cheated on. I was mortified becuase he lied, then he lied again. I never broke up with him becuase of that. But, I did break up with him a week, or two later. Soon I found out he was dating my close friend who cheated on me with. But soon, she broke up with him too, for the same reasons as I had.

I Lovee this songg.. | Reviewer: Kelbyyyyy. | 1/1/08

I Have no idea how taylor swift got soo amazingg**, this song is greatt. it fits my situation perfectly, i lovee it, && yah, it does make u feel a lot more powerful:). Thankss Taylor Swift.

Well Sung | Reviewer: Turtles | 10/26/07

I was just recently in the same situation and feel like this song just..... wow perfect!!!! It made me feel better its nice that the song to me is empowering.

i love this song | Reviewer: Magenta | 6/14/07

my boyfriend cheated on me and i would like to dedicate this song to him.