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The Rasmus Shot Lyrics

Last updated: 05/03/2009 11:00:00 AM

Tonight we escape
just you and me
we'll find our peace
somewhere across the seas?

enough of the fright
enough of the fuss
I'll be awake if he finds us
needless to say
I'll stand in your way
I will protect you
and I...

I'll take the shot for you
I'll be the shield for you
needless to say
I'll stand in your way
I'll take the shot for you
I'll give my life for you
I'll make it stop
I'll take the shot for you
for you

tonight we'll be free
I'll find us a home?
tonight we will be
finally on our own

enough of the hell
enough of the pain
I won't let him touch you
I love you
needless to say
I'll stand in your way
I will defend you
and I'll....

I'll take the...

enough of the scars
enough broken hearts
I will protect you
and I..

I'll take the shot
I'll make it stop

I'll make it stop
I'll take the shot

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great! | Reviewer: kim bonacker | 5/2/09

I love this song

about the friendship thing, listen to the lyrics
"I'll take the shot for you, I'll be the shield for you" Its about Lauri saying he'll protect the friend. This song fits the lauri fanfic I'm reading now called the kidnapping
if anyone wants to read it it's

Heh | Reviewer: trini | 11/20/06

I saw them live last night, and they said this song was about friendship...someone explain that to me please =P
Heh, but other than that no complaints, its a good song, nothing incredible, but its good. In fact every song I know of them is very good, but never mindblowing.
But they're really nice and they loved my country so I have to love them for that...

Beautiful | Reviewer: AphoticRose | 3/26/06

I do agree that this album is very similar to dead letters,all their other albums were so unique from each other.They are actually starting to sound like HIM(just a bit)*tear* ,I hope they don't(no offense,HIM is amazing)I just don't want them to sound alike,I'd like them to be RASMUS!
And add the old style back into the music,then we will have something amazing for sure!
Shot is beautiful(love the vid)!

TR Rock! | Reviewer: daydreamer | 3/18/06

okay..Shot may not be the best single on the my opinion they would have been better of releasing Lucifer's Angel...but this song still rocks...Have seen these guys in concert and thet are bloody awesome...wish England woyuld give them a chance to show what they can do...

huh?watdo U mean | Reviewer: sina | 3/16/06

what? u people sucK if you think this song is average??? HULLO? This song is the shit so are they!!! can you make one this good ( if you think yes- THEN WATEVER)anyway my fav is keep your heart broken this is just as good too.

The Truth | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/2/06

The Lyrics are good for msn but the song is quite like In the shadows along with nearly every other song on there album. They need to change and move alway from In The Shadows and leave it in the past. Yes they may have got many awards for it but people dont like to keep hearing the same song again and again and again espesherly if they dont like it. No fear did crap here in england and I havnt once seen hide from the sun in the charts. These guys are doing crap. :/

LUVVIN TR! | Reviewer: me | 12/14/05

this song just rules!
i saw these guys in concert and OMG! they rock like hell!
and p.s. i'd appreciate knowing who lauris girlfriend is!!!

the best band ever | Reviewer: sarah | 9/9/05

Every song of this band is good.
Dont need to make a revieuw for every song.All their albums are so great.
Totally love them.
Laur and his girlfriend are really cute couple altho its really funny how their songs are so incredibly different, huge difference.


glad u agree! | Reviewer: evil_little_dead_girl | 9/8/05

yay! someone else who likes TR!!! woot!
everyone who i know that are 'rock fans' dont like them! :( its sad.....
but ah well! we know we r right! ha! and erm.......visit the site above if u havent yet.....i love this song 'shot' cos it rules......check out 'night after night'. its the sequel to in the shadows and it rules!
goin 2 c them in october! woot! so that will be brill!!!!!! gotta get 2 the front...check out lauri...*cough* did i just say that?!......anyways the music comes first! XD AND ROCK ON!!! \m/

The Rasmus efiin rocks!! | Reviewer: the creep | 9/1/05

YEAH! Hide From the Sun is out in a couple of days and the songs all looks good!!! chek out to hear the songs!! \m/ long life to TR!