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Underoath Short Of Daybreak Lyrics

Last updated: 07/18/2010 11:00:00 AM

Another year has gone by,
time just took it away.
friends have changed
clear skies watched over us.
But we've had our share of rain
romance still sits untouched
by the water she waits patiently,
hoping I'll take her home someday
to think i lost her,
that my dreams were her only place
but for her I've learned to wait.
A smile remains on my face knowing
God holds her at night.
Letting her know I'm on my way.
So I'll hold my head high
for love may be a day,
I can't say
but tomorrow awaits
bringing me closer to you.

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SOD | Reviewer: Ryan Ainsworth | 7/15/10

I freaking love this song. It is amazing and the guitar rifts give me goosebumps. Underoath is awesome.

And to the reason why Dallas left, he and the band discussed the issues revolving around Dallas which were always about his loved one. Every song was usually about her or to do with the accident. it was getting old, but they were still amazing. I love their lyrics from the Dallas days to today in the Spencer era.

i fucked up | Reviewer: Jawsh Baker | 8/29/07

the song is actually about when he fell asleep at the wheel and his wife died because of it and yeah pretty self explanatory sorry for the fuck up guys

To "Jawsh Baker" | Reviewer: Chris | 7/24/07

They made Dallas leave because he was disagreeing with everything the rest of the band wanted and they were getting no where with the band.

and they either had to break up the band or get a new singer.

omg i love this song | Reviewer: Jawsh Baker | 5/26/07

this sng is one of the most emotional songs i have ever heard by UnderØath

i love this band

they are evil for making dallas leave

when he was going through a rough time in his life

another good song by UnderØath is alone in december