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Beth Orton Shopping Trolley Lyrics

Last updated: 04/20/2006 11:00:00 AM

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I’ve been reeling home
A broken shopping trolley
Wheels on the wrong
How come wisdom
Came on strong
But it’s too late to be done
Words are but dust of stars
When they collide
I get lost in the sparks
Explode into the dark
And move like light on the sea

I think i’m gonna cry
But i’m gonna laugh about it
All in time
I know i’m gonna cry
But i’m gonna laugh about it
All in time, all in time

My head’s hanging so low
I’m kicking it
When i walk down the road
And your words explode
Employ a search light to see

I think i’m gonna...

It takes me unawares
All the magic that hides
Inside your stares
Always one more peak to climb
It really seems there is no finishing line

I think i’m gonna cry...

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