Shooter Jennings Albums

  • The Other Life Album (3/12/2013)
    Flying Saucer Song
    A Hard Lesson To Learn
    The White Trash Song
    Wild & Lonesome
    Outlaw You
    The Other Life
    The Low Road
    Mama, It's Just My Medicine
    The Outsider
    15 Million Light-Years Away
    The Gunslinger

  • Family Man Album (5/13/2012)
    The Real Me
    The Long Road Ahead
    The Deed And The Dollar
    Manifesto No. 4
    Summer Dreams
    Southern Family Anthem
    Daddy's Hands
    Black Dog
    Family Tree
    Born Again

  • Black Ribbons Album (3/2/2010)
    Wake Up!
    Last Light Radio 11:01 PM
    Don't Feed the Animals
    The Breaking Point
    Last Light Radio 11:16 PM
    Everything Else is Illusion
    God Bless Alabama
    All of This Could Have Been Yours
    Last Light Radio 11:29 PM
    Fuck You (I'm Famous)
    Lights in the Sky
    Black Ribbons
    Last Light Radio 11:41 PM
    Summer of Rage
    California via Tennessee
    The Illuminated
    Last Light Radio 11:57 P
    When the Radio Goes Dead
    All of This Could Have Been Yours (reprise)

  • The Wolf Album (10/23/2007)
    This Ol' Wheel
    Tangled Up Roses
    Walk Of Life
    Old Friend
    Slow Train
    Concrete Cowboys
    Blood From A Stone
    Last Time I Let You Down
    She Lives In Color
    The Wolf
    A Matter Of Time

  • Electric Rodeo Album (4/4/2006)
  • Put The "O" Back In Country Album (3/1/2005)

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