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One 44, two 45's
3 loaded clips, 4 niggas roll, one nigga drives
500 Benz, 6 reasons why
This kid should die
We shootin every motherfucker outside
Pulled on his block, jumped out the car, guns in our hand
At the same time everybody ran
There that nigga go, hiding in the crowd
Let the trigger blow, 7 shots now he lying on the ground
Blood on the floor
Then we shot some more
Niggas he was with
2 niggas hit, one nigga fell
One tryed to run, go get him son
Make sure he's done before we bail, i aint trying to goto jail
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Must handle beef, code of the street
Load up the heat, if these nigga think they could fuck around
Real niggas do real things
By all means, niggas knowin how we get down.. It goes......

[Chorus (3X)]
Shoot 'em up, just shoot 'em up, what..
Kill kill kill, murder murder murder

Driving through roads, Suburban Chevrolet
6 tinted windows, and I'm on my way
To get up with my hoes, I pull up to they house
Not a freak to be heard, nobody came out
Ringin the bell, where in the hell
Could they be at, I'm about to leave
Steppin' slow, where my truck was at
Who the fuck is that?
Could it be a jack?
Now pull my strap, it's my man
And we have the same plan
There them bitches go
Civic '94, looking funny though
Open up the car door, funny smile
Fuck 2 already, 3rd ass was heavy
"Nas this is Sherri, Sherri this is Nas, and his man. Ready?"
Walked in the house, snatched off they clothes
Ran through them hoes
Plenty ice, that they all seemed to like
Can't find my man, heard a blam blam
Now I'm wonderin, "In this scam, do I even stand a chance?"
He killed the hoes, took all they doe
Fire in his eyes, higher than the sky
Comin down the stairs
Now he wantin mine, reachin for my nine
Aiming with our guns at each others face, at the same time
my nine on his lips, his fifth on my chin, I start whispering
"Put your gun down, we can skip town"
Rocked him to sleep, pushed back his meat
Lift off his chain
Took his shit, emptied out close range

[Chorus (4X)]
[3rd time there is no whispering of: "kill kill kill, murder murder muder".]

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. | Reviewer: L. | 5/22/10

Just wanted to say I really love this website! People here actually have educated discussions, instead of all the bullshit people usually say to each other on youtube. And it's true, people shouldn't just listen to a song and judge it, you also need to know the context of a song, the rest of the artist's work. There are plenty of songs in other genres that that do the same thing Nas is doing here: parodizing(is that a word..? :P) and showing life just how it is for some people. But because this is hiphop and hiphop has a bad reputation, people say it's promoting violence and crime. And besides, music not only about lyrical content. It's also about the instrumentals and the way the words are put together, especially in hiphop. It's like listening to Latin music: even if you don't speak Spanish, you can still just enjoy the sound and the feel of it. This coming from a 17 year old girl...just makes me wonder if I can understand, why is it that fully grown adults can't?

Representation of gangster lifestyle, risks and consequences. | Reviewer: IAM_2pac-NaS-kANYE-cOMMon-... | 7/8/09

The song is actually telling a story. NAS performs this rap as if he was in the body of the men COMMITTING those none sense crimes...It is a satire of people who choose a gangster lifestyle.
If one chooses to live by the gun, one needs to be ready to die by the gun but most importantly, I think, people who commit crimes do not realise how much their lives are precious until they are confronted with their own death.
It is somewhat sad but he exposed this reality, almost 10 years ago!

The chorus is sad because the whisper:"kill kill kill, murder murder murder..."makes me think about a voice, that gangster would hear in his head. Almost as if Nas is saying that hate feeds their anger, and violence and crime is all they know...

Hip-hop is not always straightforward and you need to understand that in no way is NAS promoting violence. You have to read between the lines.

He cannot tell gangsters:”put your guns down, go to school” LITTERALLY. However, educated people (ESPECIALLY HIP HOP LISTENERS) would understand that this story depicts and promises a very sad end to anyone who would follow their path...Kind of like a warning not to engage into these dangerous activities. Therefore, the total opposite to what people like Bill O’Reilly is saying or thinking.


HEAR THE REAL MEANING!!! | Reviewer: Justin | 3/14/09

This is a song which has received a lot of negative coverage, specifically on FOX noise, which brought a lot of unneeded and misdirected hate to the lyrics. Anyone that is familiar with Nas and his style probably gets it, but I think that if someone who doesn't typically listen to rap hears this song they are likely to jump to inappropriate conclusions.
In truth, this song is a parody, if you will, of the life of the street killer. It's violence is grotesquely exaggerated to bring light on the fact that all of the killing and hating that happens in the streets of todays cities is so pointless and disgusting. In the end the central protagonist is killed in close range after attempting to negotiate a truce with someone coming after him in a revenge killing. Nas is trying to do away with the glamorized life that many rappers say the crime life is. He is showing us that, in fact, no, you are not the only man with a gun in the hood and yes, if you live by the gun you will die by the gun just as surely.
Please do away with the ignorance people!

explanatory note | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/8/08

to those who are getting worked out about this song:

there are a million hollywood movies out there that pretty much follow what this song is talking about, in vivid motion pictures.

just think of this song not as some hollywood movie, but as a documentary. nas is trying to say something (like in all his songs).

its quite sad that some people cant see how nas is overdoing the violence in this song (eg: the murder murder, kill kill chorus), thus making a point. it is a violent song, but its not a celebration of violence - and by over-exaggerating the violence, it shows the listener how fucked up things can get.

now, is a documentary something we should shun?
should fox news start hating on documentaries?

everyone calm down | Reviewer: Robin | 11/16/08

whether u like the content of the lyrics or not i think any fan of hip hop would have to agree that this song shows nas is a lyrical genius. the way its presented, put together, and written all prove it. and u mite as well quit your bitching because it isnt going to stop rappers from making their music the way they want. so suck it up and deal with it. no one is forcing u to listen to it.

stupid people | Reviewer: Josh | 7/9/08

Just because Nas is talking about killing and things does not mean he is telling people to go out and do it. He is rapping about the life many people live in those areas. Id rather sit here and listen to the truth about things than listen to people talk about living the rich life that most people dont live. Nas is real and true.

shoot em up positive | Reviewer: rishi | 6/26/08

I thought this song was amazing. I mean I had been hooked on Tupac for as long as I knew but when my friend showed me this song I was amazed and realized that there were other God rappers out there besides Tupac. Strangely though when I heard this song for the first time it reminded me of the christmas carol twelve days of christmas. The whole one 44, two 45s, three loaded clips etc. Sort of like this dude in the song had his own violent version of the carol which he was going to deliver. This song along with many other Nas songs are amazing. still though Makaveli is the best.

Upper class to Rap | Reviewer: Jack | 12/28/07

Since 90% of the hip hop industry is bought by white teenage boys like myself, and I don't have the urge to go out shooting up the streets, you guys can shut up. Seriously, Nas is telling you how he sees it, he's showing that it's not anyone's fault but the person choosing that lifestyle, he is simply going about his message as a story. Godfather was before the hip hop industry, yet you don't see a bunch of little white people running the streets. White people and minorities alike do equal crimes, as facts show, yet minorities crimes of oppurtunity are violent, and white people tend to do the other shit, aka steal money from work, embezzlement shit like that. I saw that Dick and Jane movie and let me tell you, I don't want to go rob a couple banks cause I have no money, just like I don't want to go smoke weed, sling rock, hold a "gat", I want to listen to this shit and relieve all the pressure's around me, you can't blame Nas, nor the industry for anything, blame the lack of oppurtunity created in the hoods causing people to go to that lifestyle, 20% of the population is not committing 20% of the crime, and since the black community is that 20%, shut the fuck up all you ignorant white supremists and even the black people who hate on their own culture. Embrace it, don't hate it, it's the fastest growing industry in the world, and you just want to blame it's success on that kind of bullshit, fuck you make matter's worse I'm a white republican and I watch O'Rielly and I think he's closed minded.

Tired of defending rap | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/22/07

Anon and jiraiya both made perfectly good argments about the lyrics contained in this particular song, clearly none of which the subsequent posts absorbed.
I'd also like to say, how stupid do you imagine mainstream audiences to be, i've listened to rap (and mainly the 'gangsta rap' sub genre) for around 6 years, and i've watched gangster films for twice as long, and i've never had the overwhelming desire to resolve all my problems with a gun, its ridiculous.
About every other negative point here, listen to Eminem's 'Who knew'

hip hip IS dead | Reviewer: tee jones | 10/24/07

One of Nas' last cd's was hip hop is dead. with the bullshit lyrics in his on song, he wasn't lying!!! I see people getting killed in the streets everyday, can't rappers now days tell a story about something more than what they see? How about what they would like to see. Old school rappers like grand master flash and the furious five talked about what they saw. If thats all rappers can do today, I'd rather watch the news for whats happening on the streets than waste any money on another bullshit hip hop cd!

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